In Carriage Horse Fight, the Daily News Is Really Having Trouble Keeping Fact and Opinion Separate

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A model of NYCLASS's proposed electric car.
On April 16, the New York Daily News announced they were wading into the carriage horse fight full-force, "launching a campaign to save the city's beloved carriage horses," as an editorial published that day put it. They've begun circulating a petition online and in print, calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to leave the horses alone and criticizing animal rights group NYCLASS's proposal to replace the horses with vintage-replica electric cars.

At the same time, News reporters are also continuing to cover the carriage horse debate that the opinion page has now inserted themselves into. That's leading to some awkward conflicts of interest. In a statement released earlier this week, NYCLASS says that a Daily News reporter who assured them she was interviewing them for a feature story instead improperly gave her reporting materials to the opinion page, for use in an unflattering editorial.

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Celebrity-Stuffed PETA Video Denounces Carriage Horse Industry, Urges de Blasio To Ban It Already

Screenshot via PETA
The battle over carriage horses in the city is dragging on and on, with no end in sight, and, as yet, no bill introduced in the City Council that would actually ban the industry and replace it with the classic cars favored by animal rights group NYCLASS. While Bill de Blasio famously promised "an immediate ban" on carriage horses during his campaign, the mayoral reality hasn't been quite so neat; a recent Newsday story found that 19 city council members are undecided on the merits of a ban, versus 15 who support it and eight who oppose it.

Neither side definitely has the 26-vote majority they'd need for victory, and in the meantime, everyone is ramping up their publicity. First there was Liam Neeson's big visit to the Clinton Park stables, where he called carriage driving "a beautiful industry." And yesterday, PETA released a new video wherein millions of celebrities denounce the carriage horse industry as cruel and inhumane. If you were waiting to hear what Dave Navarro's eyebrows think about horses before you made up your mind, wait no more.

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Despite Planned PETA Protests, Macy's Parade Won't Be Canceling SeaWorld Float

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A "concept sketch" of the planned float, which will feature both whales and surprises, apparently.
SeaWorld has had a really, really bad few months. This summer saw the release of the documentary Blackfish, which explored the death of whale trainer Dawn Brancheau at their San Diego park. Brancheau was crushed by a 12,000 pound bull orca named Tilikum, who's also been implicated in the deaths of two other people; filmmaker Gabriela Cowperthwaite used Brancheau's death as the starting point for a for an extremely harsh look at the cruelty and exploitation backing the park's "family fun." (In a response, Michael Scarpuzzi, the Vice President of Zoological Operations at the San Diego park, called the film "inaccurate and shamefully misleading.")

And just when the controversy was starting to die down, the news that SeaWorld will have a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade fired it all back up again.

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PETA: Pigeon Racing Is A "Blood Sport"

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is in a huff after the group's 15-month "investigation" revealed that pigeons often die during pigeon races. In most cases, however -- as even PETA admits -- the animals aren't killed by their handlers, but by things that would kill the birds if they were in the wild and not involved in racing.

There are, however, some sickos who intentionally kill the birds, as you can see in a video (provided by PETA) embedded below.

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The Horse-Drawn Carriage Debate Continues; Local Groups and Celebrities Call for a Ban

Michelle D. Anderson
The effort to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City rages on.

Another report of a carriage horse collapse in a two-week span has left animal-rights advocates -- including celebrities such as Glee's Lea Michele and Pamela Anderson -- with a renewed passion to end the use of horse-drawn carriages.

Today the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages (CBHDC) will hold a rally and tourist-hotel crawl on Central Park South at 6:30 p.m.

According to Elizabeth Forel, CBHDC's president since the group's inception in 2006, the latest horse collapse, which occurred Friday, is not the second in two weeks but rather the third. Forel tells us that on Oct. 28, a horse bucked and nearly hit several taxis after racing along 59th Street.

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PETA to Launch Porno Website

PETA is no stranger to controversy. That's why it comes as no surprise that the animal welfare group is creating a XXX porn site. Well, that comes as a little bit of a surprise. The Huffington Post reports PETA hopes the website will raise awareness for veganism and the treatment of animals at factory farms. It also hopes to raise something else, because that is an easy porn joke. What can you expect at a PETA porn site? "According to [PETA spokeswoman Lindsay] Rajt, it will have enough adult content to qualify for the XXX domain site but also some other graphic images of animals that viewers may not expect to see." Oh, that sounds hot.

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PETA Says Knut's Death Was Preventable

Knut's Vanity Fair cover with Leonardo DiCaprio.
PETA, always quick to point fingers, is claiming that the sudden death at age four of Knut the polar bear was preventable. A PETA representative told TMZ that they reached out to the Berlin Zoo months ago because Knut was allegedly being "terrorized" by three female bears at the zoo. So they're saying that it was foul play? More »

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