Puppy Theft Problem: Brooklyn and Queens Pet Stores See Doggy-Nappings

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Don't you just want to steal that face?
Today both the New York Daily News and the New York Post featured stories of poor innocent puppies being taken from pet shops by illegal means. Yes, if two's a trend, it seems like we have a puppy problem on our hands. First via the Daily News we learn that two 15-year-olds were arrested yesterday and charged with grand larceny for taking a Yorkshire Terrier puppy from a Flatlands pet store. But though the perps were caught, the puppy was not, and the teens are refusing to say where it is. Then, in the Post we hear of a February incident in which Jolanta El-Shorbagi, a 57-year-old woman, stole a "miniature teacup pinscher" from a Queens store. In both stories the dogs cost upwards of $1,000. Did the criminals steal these dogs just for the money or were their actions somehow a result of the pups' undeniable cuteness?

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Don't Care About Football? Care About New York.

This blogger doesn't like football. If she's going to watch a sport it's going to be baseball and she's going to root for the Yankees. Therefore, this Super Bowl Sunday, this blogger is not going to tell you which players to watch. In fact, the only ones she really feels qualified to even mention are Eli Manning and Gisele B√ľndchen's husband. (Just kidding, she totally knows that his name is Tom Brady.) That said, she is going to care about the Super Bowl outcome, and New Yorkers, you should too.

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Puppy Eats Like an Adorable Idiot [VIDEO]

Have you ever been so excited to eat that you started levitating above your plate and the only thing that prevented you from floating off into space was your jaw which was firmly locked onto your meal? If so, the puppy on the right can relate. Check out the video after the jump.

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Patriotic Puppy Swallows Flag Post [VIDEO]

A three-month-old pit bull in Alabama was doing what puppies do best, chewing on inedible crap, when he got himself in trouble. Blue, the hungry pit bull in question, tried to eat a flag post when it got stuck in his throat. The CBS affiliate in Atlanta reports Blue's gag reflex caused him to swallow the post and it snaked through his esophagus into the bottom of his stomach. Video after the jump.

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10 Places Better Than the Apple Store to Take Pictures in NYC

There are a lot of neat places in New York, tourist attraction or otherwise, which is why we were pretty shocked to learn that one of the most photographed spots in the city is the Fifth Avenue Apple Store. (The findings were based on one researcher's experiment with Flickr geotags.) Considering a person there could just turn around and take a picture of the gorgeous and historic Plaza, it seemed a little stupid that the Apple Store was getting so much attention. So we've compiled 10 more under-the-radar spots in the city that would be far better for photo ops.

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Woman Who Tried to Mail Puppy Wants Her Dog Back

Dogs should not be caged.
Stacey Champion, the 39-year-old Minnesota woman with the no good, very bad idea of mailing a live puppy in an airtight box without holes (or water, or food) to Georgia would like her dog back, please. This is horrifying people everywhere, almost as much as the fact that the woman tried to mail a dog in a box. Stacey Champion is the new cat-in-a-rubbish-bin Bosnian puppy-thrower. Internet, unleash your rage!

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In Soviet Russia, DOG Name YOU!

In contemporary Russia, INTERNET name DOG. Yes, the Prime Minister of Russia, one Mr. Vladamir Putin, has absolved himself of the responsibility of renaming his new Bulgarian shepherd puppy -- previously: Yorgo -- and in an unlikely twist, hoisted such a duty upon his fellow countrymen of Mother Russia.

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Here's Major League Baseball's Most Guilt-Ridden Umpire, Jim Joyce, Holding a Puppy

Maybe you've heard that last night, on the very last play of what was an otherwise perfect game for Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga, umpire Jim Joyce missed the call, thus costing Galarraga his perfect game. Everybody - whether you're a fan of the team throwing the perfect game or not - wants to see a perfect game. It's like catching a shooting star. And to ruin it on the last call? It's a terrible thing.

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