We Spent a Night on the F Train With Two Showtime Dancers

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All photos by Jason Speakman for the Village Voice
"For me, it's either this or the shelter," says showtime dancer Antonio.
It didn't take long for Eli and Antonio to count up their earnings: Each of the subway dancers took home about $11 for two hours of work on a recent Friday on the F Train, from 34th Street to Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn and back, or as they call it, an "up-and-down."

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Female Boxer Heather Hardy Is One Tough Mother

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All photos by Dave Gershgorn
Heather Hardy, center, with her ten-year-old daughter, Annie, on the left and her corner-man, on the right, just before her bout in October
Boxer Heather Hardy's reputation in the ring is that she's tenacious and unrelenting. It's not undeserved: She holds a 12-0 record in professional fights. But outside the ring, Hardy, a native of Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, is a single mother of a ten-year-old daughter, Annie. By day, she's a trainer at Gleason's Gym. Back in October, Hardy, nicknamed "The Heat," won the WBC International female super bantamweight title, defeating Crystal Hoy in a fight held at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in midtown.

The below photo essay follows Hardy everywhere during the weeks before that title bout.

Hardy's next fight is this Saturday against Renata Domsodi at the Barclays Center. They are the only two females on the card, headlined by Ryan Burnett fighting Stephon McIntyre. Hardy was one of the first two females to fight at the Barclays Center, doing so in June 2014. She hopes that her continued presence, and ticket sales, will sway Barclays to bring on more female fighters.

"[Gleason's Gym president] Bruce Silverglade used to say that when he goes to the bank and gives them the money, they don't ask him if it came from a man or a woman," Hardy told Team LeftJab Boxing Radio in March.

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Meet Your New York Christmas Tree Vendors

All photos by Natalie Fertig for the Village Voice.
Photographer Natalie Fertig wraps up the Christmas tree-selling season by talking to New York's sidewalk vendors, many of whom hail from north of the border, work shifts that last much of the day, and sometimes sleep in a van. There are benefits, too: the travel, after-hours camaraderie, drinks, and, if you're on the Upper West Side, a smörgåsbord of dinner options from the people who live in the buildings around you.

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Photos: American Outlaws Pour Onto 33rd Street After U.S. Soccer Team Win

Being a U.S. soccer fan isn't easy -- in fact, it's pretty tough -- but wins like the one the world saw on Monday against Ghana during the team's opening game of World Cup (against the run of play, with two key players injured, with a striker possessing a freshly broken nose) make it all worth while.

At Jack Demsey's (36 W. 33rd Street in Manhattan), home of the New York chapter of the American Outlaws supporters group, fans poured out of the bar and onto the street after the win. Photos by Emily Tan for the Village Voice.

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What Manhattan Might Look Like at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Photo Courtesy of Gus Petro
Ever wonder what living in New York might be like if the entire city were at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? Swiss photographer Gus Petro has done the imagining for us by photoshopping images of the city's streetscapes onto the Grand Canyon. Check out some of his prints after the jump.

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Jazz Age Lawn Party Comes to Governors Island

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Laura June Kirsch
On June 15, Governors Island was transported back to 1926 for the annual Jazz Age Lawn Party. It was a flapper revival, with parasols blotting out the hot June sun. Our Laura June Kirsch was there, and snapped these great photos.

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The Anti-Facebook: Photos Unveiled One Year Later in Washington Heights Art Project

Mike Fitelson
Part of "Message Delayed"
Washington Heights photographer Mike Fitelson is taking Facebook status updates and instant photo sharing and turning them upside down.

That is, he is taking the process of sharing thoughts and photos online and slowing it down and simplifying it dramatically -- and bringing the whole thing off line. It's part of a year-long project he is unveiling tomorrow at a street festival in his neighborhood.

The effort began last June at the Carnaval del Boulevard festival uptown. Fitelson, previously an associate publisher at northern Manhattan's community newspaper, the Manhattan Times, stopped neighborhood residents passing by, took portrait shots of them, and asked them each a simple question: "What's on your mind?"

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Photos: Inside the Sanitation Building Where Occupy Wall Street's Stuff Is Being Held

As we reported earlier today, press aren't allowed inside the Sanitation facility on 57th Street where the city is storing Occupy Wall Street protesters' belongings taken during the Zuccotti raid. We'd heard reports of disarray and damage inside and had seen photos of smashed laptops, and now the Voice has gotten a hold of more complete pictures of the mess where protesters are expected to root around for their things.

OWS sanitation storage 1 .jpg

(all photos via Kathleen Russell)

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Inside Marni Kotak's Birthing Center at Microscope Gallery

Araceli Cruz
"If my parents told me I was born in an art gallery, I would think that's awesome," artist Marni Kotak says as she sits in a rocking chair at Microscope Gallery, the 500-square-foot carpeted space where she'll have her baby in the next couple of weeks. We visited Kotak at the gallery to discuss the media frenzy and onslaught of criticism that ensued after we broke the story about her latest art exhibition, "The Birth Of Baby X," in which Kotak will be giving birth in front of an audience.

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This Aerial Shot of Yesterday's Occupy Wall Street March Doesn't Look Real

aerial shot OWS.jpg

That photo, with or without insipid caption, has been making the rounds on Facebook and Tumblr today. It purports to be an aerial shot of yesterday's massive Occupy Wall Street/union march. It's certainly very impressive, but don't be fooled. It's probably not real.

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