The Best Anthony Weiner Joke to Date [PHOTO]


A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Great, because we're sick of words on the subject of Weiner's weiner. So without further ado, we present to you the most original and winning contribution to the Anthony Weiner morass to date (Sorry, Crain's, no quarters in the tip jar for you).

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What Manhattan Might Look Like at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

Photo Courtesy of Gus Petro
Ever wonder what living in New York might be like if the entire city were at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? Swiss photographer Gus Petro has done the imagining for us by photoshopping images of the city's streetscapes onto the Grand Canyon. Check out some of his prints after the jump.

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Gabrielle Giffords Releases New Photos on Her Facebook Page

gabby giffords.jpg
Office of Gabrielle Giffords
The office of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was the victim of a shooting in Tucson this winter that killed six and injured 13, has released new photos of the congresswoman on her Facebook page. Apart from her cropped haircut, she seems almost unchanged; there are few visible signs that she took a bullet in the head only five months ago. Giffords poses outside on the lawn of her Houston hospital. In one, she smiles directly into the camera, and in the other she's with her mother, Gloria Giffords.

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Breaking: Photographic Evidence Lady Gaga Shops at ABC Carpet & Home Emerges

BlackBook Magazine/BlackBook Media's fearless content leader Chris Mohney was on his lunch break, milling about phenomenally expensive Manhattan home decor design store, ABC Carpet & Home, when he spotted in the wild Lady Gaga. And took a picture. Photographic evidence below:

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'Kike Barber Shop' Not Exactly a 'High Holidays' Kind of Place

kike barber shop.JPG
Via Steven Thrasher.

When our very own Steven Thrasher was out in the field recently, he happened across this place, a barber shop in Jackson Heights, Queens on 91-19 37th Avenue. Somehow, it didn't seem appropriate to note over the Jewish High Holidays, for some reason, which isn't at all evident from the signage, if you can't tell.

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Signs of the Times: Newsweek Goes Down

newsweek sign.jpg

Via Newsweek-reporter-turned-Tumblr-Emissary Mark Coatney and Newsweek's Sarah Frank, here's a picture of the Newsweek sign being pulled down. She notes: "In case anyone wants to watch, they're pulling the Newsweek sign down from the front of the building right now. They won't give me the 's'." You're supposed to just jack it. Don't ask. For the record, yes, Newsweek is still in business. The signage just ain't the same. [FK]

The Complete and Utter Idiocy of Fox News, Perfectly Summed Up in One Picture

A picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words. How many does it take Fox News to show how utterly awareness-lacking, blithe, glib, and asinine both the majority of the network's ethos -- and the average viewer who takes them at the word -- is?

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Dear Rest-of-America: Your "Ground Zero Mosque" Perspective of the Day

For those of you not in New York City who've decided to weigh in on the debate over Park 51, the proposed Islamic Community Center in downtown New York City -- or as some of you like to incorrectly label it, the "Ground Zero Mosque" -- here's a little bit of perspective just to remind on this Friday evening just how hallowed and sacred this screamed about ground truly is.

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