"Soccer Mom Madame" Anna Gristina's 9-Year-Old Son Pimpin' Hard For NBC

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The apple apparently doesn't fall far from the tree at the home of accused "Soccer Mom Madame" Anna Gristina -- the accused pimp's 9-year-old son apparently has caught the pimpin' bug, and his number one hoe is NBC, which just so happens to have landed an exclusive interview with Gristina.

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Secret Service Sex Scandals "Could Be Prevented" With "Beautiful People" Travel Website (Escort Service)

With MissTravel.com, poor ugly people need not apply.
Remember last week when more than a dozen Secret Service agents humiliated America by getting hookers at their hotel while on a trip to Columbia with the president? All that embarrassment could have been prevented by a website that matches "generous" people with "beautiful" people -- at least that's how the guy who started the website is pimping it, anyway.

The website, MissTravel.com, was launched a few weeks ago by controversial "dating entrepreneur" Brandon Wade, who's the man behind the "sugar daddy" dating website SeekingArrangement.com. We spoke with Wade this afternoon -- and he actually tried to sell us on the idea that a 'beautiful people" travel website could have prevented the Secret Service sex scandal (which, of course, it wouldn't have -- but kudos to Wade for the current events marketing strategy).

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Kew Motor Inn, Alleged "Haven" For Hookers, Closes Its Doors (With A Little Help From The City)

Sorry, ladies -- the Kew Motor Inn is now off limits.
The Kew Motor Inn, located in a residential section of Kew Gardens, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, was a "haven" for hookers and their pimps. So was the Par Central Motor Inn, which also is located in a residential area of Kew Gardens.

Thanks to the city's "nuisance abatement" laws, however, the alleged hooker havens are no mas -- they were shut down earlier this week after five motel employees were arrested on multiple hooker harboring-related offenses.

(It should be noted that each of these establishments boasts a Yahoo! travel rating of "one star" and "three star" respectively).

"These two motels have been deemed public nuisances that have generated numerous prostitution-related arrests - including those involving underage girls - during the past year and have been the subject of numerous complaints from local residents," Brown explains as the reasons for shutting down the two hooker sanctuaries.

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Brooklyn Pimp Denied 'Expert Pimp' Status Despite Having Heard Every Song About Pimpin'

Cash, money, gavel.
Anthony McCord, a 29-year-old pimp who's on trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court for rape and robbery has been denied his request to be qualified as an "expert witness" in pimping. McCord is acting as his own lawyer and had hoped to reveal to jurors the "relationships between pimps and hookers, so they could better evaluate the case." His qualifications for expert pimp-dom, via the Daily News:

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Now Is the Time of the Eyebrow

Andy Rooney, early pioneer.
The last few years have meant changes in our nation's cultural acceptance of certain habits typically associated with certain genders. What we're trying to say is, men can get their eyebrows done, too, now! It's been a long time coming, as men have struggled with this societal inequality and the fact that their eyebrows can be quite bushy indeed, even, sometimes, long and laughable. What to do in those cases? Now there are options. If you think this is a "girly" treatment, think again. The New York Times, reporting on this "trend," located Ramy Gafni, a Manhattan eyebrow stylist.

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Adorable Animals That Can't Do Things (Videos!)


It's a holiday, okay? You shouldn't be reading the Internet anyway. Enjoy these cute, incompetent animals. 

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Hugh Hefner Buys Back Playboy: The Privatization of Private Parts

After last year's scare that Hugh Hefner would have to sell the Playboy Mansion to keep his company, it seems that everything is working out for good old Hef. He was originally outbid for his company by competitor Penthouse, but the board of Playboy has decided to accept his offer of $6.15 a share to take the company private again.

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Hugh Hefner May Have to Downsize to Single-D Life

Bad days! Hugh Hefner, once the epitome of masculine opulence and virility, may need to sell off the (in)famous Playboy mansion to keep hold of his company. Not only does he need to raise $115 million to pay investors who will likely demand payment of their convertible bonds in March 2012, his board is also facing pressure "via a $6.24-per-share buyout offer from investor Marc Bell, owner of Penthouse," reports the New York Post.

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New "Safe for Work" Playboy Site Not Really So Safe for Work

Welcome to The Smoking Jacket
Like the good Mr. Rogers of promiscuity that he is, Hugh Hefner has done us all a service and created a new sexy website, TheSmokingJacket.com, which is supposedly safe to view at work (if you can conceal your excitement under your desk). We don't know what kind of office Hugh is referring to, but we're not sure these images would fly in any professional setting where researching sexy pics is not sort of your job. So! We put all of the racy albeit nipple-covered images in a blog post for you to scour in cultural/journalistic inquiry. Beware: It's probably NSFW after the jump!

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Jersey City Madam Arrested for Running Prostitution Ring Out of Her Apartment

This photo is irrelevant, but we feel it sets a certain mood for the story.
You're going to love this. A smooth-operating Jersey madam revealed the details of her business to "an undercover Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent posing as a corrupt cop offering protection," according to the Daily News. That disguise is like a transvestite man posing as a woman who's posing as a man. Well, who could question something so convoluted?

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