Undercover Cops Shoot, Kill Man Armed with Pellet Gun

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On Saturday night around 10:45, two undercover NYPD detectives shot a man to death when he brandished what appeared to be a Glock 19 semiautomatic pistol, pointing it at the officers. It turned out to be a compressed air pistol.

The two cops, 48 and 42, were in Ridgewood, Queens, in the middle of a buy and bust operation. As they were arresting a drug dealer, a 33-year-old Hispanic man named Nolan Rivera, he yelled, "They're the cops you idiot!" 

When the cops turned in the direction RIvera was yelling, they saw a 42-year-old Hispanic male emerging from a livery cab with what appeared to be a gun. The detectives, fearing for their life, both drew their own handguns and fired. One released five rounds, while the other only shot once. The man, still unidentified, was struck six times in the chest and leg. The shooting victim was then rushed to Wyckoff Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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