Here's How Mayor Bill de Blasio's Expressive Sign Language Interpreter Got the Job

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During recent emergency press conferences about Ebola and potentially life-threatening blizzards, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has had to share a little of the limelight.

That's because, just a little off to Hizzoner's right, a deaf interpreter has been drawing audience eyes with his deeply expressive sign language. His name's Jonathan Lamberton.

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An Alleged $4 Million Bribery Scheme Results in Five Felony Charges for Sheldon Silver

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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a fixture in Albany for decades, was arrested earlier today for what the government says is a long-running, multimillion-dollar bribery and kickback scheme. More »

Here's How Sheldon Silver First Became One of the Most Powerful People in New York

Silver in 2013
Sheldon Silver's days as Speaker of the New York State Assembly could be numbered following his arrest on January 22 on charges of massive corruption and graft, into the millions of dollars.

But in 1994, when he was voted into the assembly's highest seat under strange circumstances, it was done with a quickness that alluded to his propensity for making deals and doing favors in Albany.

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Former Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm Has Been Erased From the Internet

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Credit: Official photo
Grimm's online presence has expired along with his career.
If life today is lived online, Michael Grimm is but an angry, jut-jawed digital memory.

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The Article That Made Mario Cuomo Governor in 1982 — No Kidding!

Mario Cuomo
When I wrote this story, in June 1982, during the Democratic primary campaign for New York governor, Mario Cuomo was still seven points behind Ed Koch, who had defeated him for mayor only five years earlier with a strong death penalty pitch that Cuomo always courageously resisted. I wrote here about Cuomo's fascinating mind and character as well as about the death penalty politics that shadowed this race.

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Creepy Former NY State Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak Named One of Nation's Worst Bosses

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2014 wasn't a great year for former New York State assemblyman and noted sleazeball Dennis Gabryszak.

The year started with a bang when, in January, the former legislator for the 143rd District stepped down from his post. Why? Because seven pesky staffers had sued him for sexual harassment in 2013. Among other things, he was accused of stealing an employee's car keys to lure her back to his apartment, sending out a truly bizarre video of himself on the toilet, and telling an employee he wanted to "lick" her after she spilled her mocha.

By dropping his Albany gig in January, Gabryszak successfully dodged a state ethics probe. But it was too late for his antics to go unnoticed by eBossWatch.

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The Accusations Against Disgraced Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, in Order of Creepiness

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De Blasio Wears 'No Blood No Foul' T-Shirt to Gym in Worst Wardrobe Decision Ever

Jack Buehrer
Straight outta high school?
As he sometimes does, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio spent the afternoon of December 7 working out at the Prospect Park YMCA in Park Slope. He and his wife, Chirlane McCray, alternated between the weight room, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines over the course of the hour or so they were there. McCray was decked out in fashionable contemporary gym clothes. We can only guess de Blasio's dirty-laundry hamper is overflowing, given the T-shirt he was rocking, which had the contextually unfortunate streetball slogan "No Blood No Foul" emblazoned on the back.

See Also: NYPD Cops Rip Bratton Online for Going to Hospital Before Garner Decision Announcement

Despite being NYC's tallest-ever mayor, the 6-5 de Blasio's not exactly known as a tough customer on the hardwood. Back in his City Council days, his nickname is said to have been "The Cactus" -- a reference to how he always "had his arms at 90 degrees at his sides, watching people running around him."

De Blasio's security detail was abundant. His stylist and his PR team, on the other hand, must take Sundays off.

Cuomo's $18.6 Million 'Weather Detection System' Wouldn't Have Predicted the Buffalo Storm Anyway

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Anthony Quintano via Flickr
The scene in Buffalo on Tuesday
The National Weather Service is predicting that a "significant" winter storm will arrive Wednesday morning and linger until early Thursday. The weather system will supposedly come in as rain, dousing the coast before freezing into snow in the afternoon.

But, grain of salt: This is just what the NWS is forecasting. And what do they know, anyway?

Take it from Governor Andrew Cuomo: The entire NWS might as well just be one old man on a park bench, licking his finger and sticking it in the wind. Here's what Cuomo said this past weekend at a press conference in the city of Buffalo, which was buried under an unprecedented seven feet of snow last week:

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Protest Movement to Kill Massive Gowanus Parole Center Gains Momentum

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Katie Toth
Almost 100 protesters stood outside a manufacturer on Second Avenue in Brooklyn to rally against a parole center being built nearby.
The scene at The Bahche, a popular coffee shop on Third Avenue and 7th Street in Gowanus, Brooklyn, was far from a typical pre-protest gathering.

Rather than the requisite leather-clad anarchists and angry militants, more than 60 Gowanus residents were sipping free hot chocolate while they toiled away with a rainbow array of colored Sharpies. There were smiling parents. There were little children. Soon they would all be braving the elements -- it was an unseasonably frigid 33 degrees on November 18 -- to march two blocks away to a dead-end street full of manufacturing and industrial sites. And there, they listened to a band of pre-teens called Eye of Time jam out to a selection of classic rock favorites.

See Also: Literally No One Is Happy About the Massive Parole Center Being Built in Gowanus

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Can Higher Salaries in Albany Stop Corruption? Sheldon Silver Is Willing to Find Out

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Photo credit: New York NOW via Compfight cc
Sheldon Silver is willing to trade less Albany corruption for a higher salary.
The perennial call for higher salaries in the New York legislature was heard again this week, although it's probably more of a whisper at this point.

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