Controversial Circumcision Ritual Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews Is 'Unacceptable,' Says Mohel

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Courtesy of Cantor Philip Sherman via website
Cantor Philip Sherman is exasperated.

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Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest Netanyahu's 'Provocative Politics' Outside Israeli Embassy

Zach D. Roberts for the Village Voice
Demonstrators of all ages display signs outside the Israeli Embassy in New York City as snow continues to fall.
Thousands of members of the Satmar Hasidic sect gathered outside the Israeli consulate in midtown on Tuesday evening to protest a speech by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu they say will lead to war with Iran.

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De Blasio Agrees 'Black Wives Matter' in Chummy Nightly Show Appearance

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Mayor Bill de Blasio on the Nightly Show
Mayor Bill de Blasio was on the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Monday, talking cops, affordable housing, and, thankfully, weed.

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Fueled by Industry Funding, Group Protests State E-Cig Tax

Jon Campbell
Doctor Gilbert Ross speaks at a rally against new taxes on e-cigarettes.
New York State is considering higher taxes and more restrictions on e-cigarettes, and at least one group is not taking the move lying down.

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Sergeants Union Head and NYC Mayor Side-Hug, Make Up

Categories: Cops, Politics
Mayor Bill de Blasio has forged a new bond with the dude who once called him a "nincompoop."

The mayor and Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins have agreed on a roughly $252.1 million contract for the policemen that begins retroactively in 2011. The seven-year agreement, which will end in 2018, includes an immediate 4 percent raise. And it brings more than three-quarters of the city workforce under a contract, including all of New York City's police unions — except for the largest one, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, run by notorious de Blasio–hater Patrick Lynch.

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City Tenants'-Rights Plan Gets Praise, but Questions About Development Remain

Nick Lucchesi, Village Voice
"As with 300 Nassau [shown], we see tenant harassment take the form of neglecting and destroying buildings," says Adam Meyers, a tenants'-rights lawyer.
Efforts by New York mayor Bill de Blasio to curb the strong-arm and harassment tactics used by landlords and residential property owners are receiving mixed reviews from tenants'-rights advocates across the city.

De Blasio and state attorney general Eric Schneiderman spent much of February 19 trumpeting their new tenant-harassment task force, which, they say, will foster greater communication between the city and state in prosecuting bad landlords. But some housing advocates say the mayor is sending mixed messages, as the city is also currently in the process of rezoning neighborhoods with large swaths of affordable housing and allowing developers to build more luxury residences.

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Longtime Bed-Stuy Residents Have Had It With Hipster Bars Invading Their Neighborhood

As she described the gourmet menu drafted for her new bar on DeKalb Avenue, Bob's Standard co-founder Hilary Krishnan faced a tough crowd. "Gourmet pickle plates, curry sandwiches, chorizo dogs," she said cheerfully. "Are you getting hungry yet?"

The attendees at the February 9 meeting of Bed-Stuy's Community Board 3, whom Krishnan was asking for support, stared back in silence. Leaning back in her chair, 55-year-old Brooklynite Juanita Lewis had a one-word answer to Krishnan's question.


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Cold, Snap! De Blasio Warns New Yorkers: 'Stay Indoors'

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Katie Toth, Village Voice
Staying in with a hot beverage is an important component of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Stay-Warm Plan for the holiday weekend.
During a February 12 press conference at City Hall, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio had a simple demand for residents over Presidents' Day weekend: "Stay indoors."

That's because, he said, the temperature in New York is expected to hit "near-record lows and remain dangerous through the weekend."

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Philly Wins the DNC Convention Sweepstakes, but de Blasio Remains 'Pro-Cheesesteak'

Categories: Politics

Katie Toth, Village Voice
De Blasio drinks from his famous mug as Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams mourns Brooklyn's loss of the Democratic National Convention to Philly for 2016.
Hours after being informed that Brooklyn had lost out on hosting the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Mayor Bill de Blasio offered the winning city, Philadelphia, a hearty congratulations before expressing his own disappointment — and disagreement — with the decision.

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Protesting Assisted Suicide, Activists Crash NYC Assemblywoman's Office...In Albany

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Courtesy Stephanie Woodward
Activists streamed into New York State assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal's Albany office to protest her stance on assisted suicide.
A swarm of disability rights activists — many in wheelchairs — funneled into New York State assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal's Albany office on February 11. There, they demanded a meeting with the Manhattan Democrat so they could denounce her bill to legalize assisted suicide.

"People with disabilities are told every day they'd be better off dead," says Stephanie Woodward, a 26-year-old disability rights lawyer who was at the protest in her wheelchair. "Instead of giving suicide prevention or help, [these bills] open the doors for us to off ourselves."

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