Angelina Altishin, GLOW Female Wrestler, on GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

If you were a baby of the '80s, you'll know that, while boys went nuts for Hulk Hogan and Macho Man "Randy Savage," we girls had our own burly heroes in Sally the Farmer's Daughter and Vine. Yes, GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) was a groundbreaking television show that ran four seasons, from 1986 to 1990, and featured female wrestlers who, we now learn, were actresses, models, dancers, and/or stunt women hoping to break into show business any way they could.

But what happened to them?

Director Brett Whitcomb takes us into the lives of this tough group of women in his documentary GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling from the initial open-call auditions, to the grueling training with wrestling legend Mando Guerrero, to overnight success and global recognition, and the show's unexpected cancellation. 92YTribeca is hosting a screening of this documentary Saturday night. This includes a Q&A with original GLOW girls Gremlina, Little Egypt, and GLOW referee/writer Steve Blance. Comedians and GLOW fans Glennis McMurray and Matt McCarthy moderate the discussion. We caught up with former GLOW girl Angelina Altishin, known as Little Egypt, who has since become a successful real estate agent. Right before she caught her flight to New York, she took the time to chat with us about being a GLOW girl, life after GLOW, and the touching reunion with the rest of her wrestling team mates. More »

Sherwood Schwartz, Creator of Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch, Ends Fateful Trip at 94

Here's the story of a man named Sherwood. Sherwood Schwartz, the man perhaps more responsible than any (pre-reality) television producer for the dumbing down of America, passed away today, according to the Times. Before heading off to that coconut tree filled island in the sky, he littered the landscape of Americana with a treasure trove of icons: Gilligan, (the Skipper, too), Mr. Brady, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" and Alice were all his inventions. He made the nation ask itself deep philosophical questions, like "Ginger or Mary Ann?" It was his brain that sat us back and told us tales of Greg, the millionaire, and his wife.

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Farrah Fawcett's Sexy Swimsuit Donated to Smithsonian: Here Are 5 More Sexy Artifacts

The sexy red swimsuit that college students in the '70s dreamed about is now an official part of the historical record. Farrah Fawcett's iconic red swimming garb, immortalized on posters that hung in dorm rooms everywhere, was donated to the Smithsonian by her longtime boyfriend Ryan O'Neal yesterday. The poster sold 8 million copies in its heyday and was the masturbatory fodder of millions of people everywhere. The swimsuit joins a Kermit the frog puppet, Julia Child's kitchen, and Dorothy's red slippers in the popular entertainment collection. What sexy objects of today are sure to end up in the Smithsonian?

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Three Former Reality-TV Stars Are Running for Congress This Fall

​Donald Trump told Surya Yalamanchili, "You're fired" on national television in 2007, and now the former contestant hopes to be "hired" into the U.S. House of Representatives by Ohio voters. He is one of three ex-reality show cast members running for Congress this fall, including Republican Sean Duffy of Wisconsin and Democrat Kevin Powell of New York, both of whom starred on MTV's Real World series, according to USA Today.

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Barack Obama Speaks on Mel Gibson, Snooki, Justin Bieber, and Other Very Important Issues

President Obama appeared on morning lady-gabfest The View today to discuss a lot of things, including some of our favorite fluffy pop-culture topics. Some think that the highest office in the land shouldn't deign to drop in on such a program, but we had been waiting with bated breath for Barack's opinion on MelGate, Snooki and the Bieb. Behold:

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Breaking: Snoop Dogg, Humanitarian Environmentalist, Pimps Out a Sea Lion

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Via Metro UK/Bob Couey.
When he's not besting Chuck Norris by smoking weed, rapper/actor/father/husband/philanthropist/botanist Snoop Dogg is now besting everyone by pimping out not a "ride," not a goblet, not even a small child, but a sea lion. Yes: A Sea Lion. While other rappers are busy doing Other Rapper Things, the guy who once noted that it's "1-8-7 on a motherfuckin' cop" is now chilling with sea lions. For most other people, this would call into question their "street" credibility. For Dogg (né Calvin Broadus ), it is simply another frontier he has conquered. If you need to know any more about this story, you're missing the point. This photo is about to be framed and mounted above the Runnin' Scared news desk, as proof that even the most humble seal can be pimped out by Snoop Dogg, and even the most legendary rappers can make friends and "thug out" with a humble seal. Day: Made.

Here is a list of alternate headlines in the form of bad Snoop Dogg-related wordplay:

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Pimp His Ride: Suggestions for Andrew Cuomo's Campaign RV

Not Cuomo's actual BT Cruiser
RVs: They're not just for Middle America anymore. In fact, Andrew Cuomo, the very Cuomo who's running for governor of New York (and the boyfriend of the Food Network's Sandra Lee) will be cruising 'cross the U.S. in a Gulf Stream this summer for an 11-day campaign tour. The New York Times got a look inside, and told us about it. Have you ever seen the classic MTV service program "Pimp My Ride"? Well, we were sad to see that Cuomo's ride was not very pimpin' at all. A gov must pimp, at least a little (just not, like, Eliot Spitzer levels)! Herewith, a few suggestions:

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Fashion Breakthrough: Is Kanye West's Neck-Toaster the Next Big Thing in Bling?

YouTube - Kanye West BET Awards 2010 Performance -Power-_1277747454847.jpg
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Last night, Kanye West performed "Power" on top of an Aggro Crag at the BET Awards and opened the show by doing so. Now, we have a music blog if you want to talk about the music of this musical performance. But we have a more serious concern: What was that thing around his neck, and will it -- like many of the trends Kanye West purports -- become a Big Thing in New York Fashion? UPDATE! We know what it is, now!

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Tina Fey is One Step Closer to Ruling the Cosmos

Congratulations to New York's girl with the most cake, Tina Fey, for winning the 2010 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the nation's highest honor for those with easy, grossly unfair access to Jon Hamm comedy. The 30 Rock actress/writer will accept the award in November in a ceremony at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

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The Great New York Lost Finale Party Guide


The fated day is almost upon us: this Sunday is the series finale of ABC's beloved tropical clusterfuck, Lost. If you've yet to find your ideal finale-viewing-party bar, now is probably the time to figure it out. Do you prefer island-appropriate mixed drinks? Or perhaps a citywide scavenger hunt? Personally, we require a Lost finale to go above and beyond simply playing the show. We want themed cocktails, giant projection screens, mystery, suspense, and preferably an obscenely difficult Lost-nerd trivia element. If you have what it takes, if you won't be told what you can't do, if you wanna live together and die alone, then this is the event listing for you, brotha.

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