10 Power Moves for the Utterly Powerless

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We live in a civil society. This is a bad thing. Opportunities to flex our muscles and demonstrate our awesome power have become rarer and rarer. Power itself is marginalized, and demonstrations of said power are perceived as vulgar and tacky. How can you break through and show your dominance under such restrictions? Read closely, we're about to tell you.

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ConEd Explosion Could Leave Downtown Manhattan in Darkness for a Few Days

At around 9 p.m. last night, this happened. The video shows a flash of electrical fire at the ConEdison plant on 14th Street and Avenue D. Soon after, most of the East Village and the Lower East Side was shrouded in darkness. Not sure if we've seen anything like this before.

According to a ConEd spokesperson Chris Olert, "Most of Manhattan below 39th Street is out." The most recent estimates have the number of customers sitting in darkness near 350,000. And newscasters are now saying that a full restoration of power could take days.

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Devon Spurgeon vs. Patrick Bateman: Whose Business Card Is More Impressive?

bateman spurgeon .jpg
Back in May, Warren Buffett's chief of staff Devon Spurgeon was pretty aggressive with the Observer's Foster Kamer. Kamer tried to ask Warren Buffett a question and Spurgeon butted in, hustling Buffett out of the party. "If you want, you can call my office tomorrow," she said to Kamer. But her card indicated otherwise:

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Con Ed Probably Won't Cut Power Tonight

Despite Mayor Bloomberg's warnings, officials at Con Edison don't believe they will have to enact a preemptive shutdown of power systems tonight. Power cables suffer more damage from saltwater when they have current running through them, but according to the New York Times, tonight's storm and possible flooding won't result in them shutting down substations. Con Ed spokesperson Chris Olert told the paper, "we are not doing any shutdowns today, unless something erupts."

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Nikki Finke Reacts to Her Power Bachelorette Ranking

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Out of the 50 media power bachelorettes featured in the New York Observer's list today, there was one that intrigued us the most: Nikki Finke, Hollywood industry news doyenne and notoriously secretive character. How did she feel about being in a list of bachelorettes? Is she even really a bachelorette? Her slide on the Observer site reads: More »

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Should Close, Says Governor Cuomo

If an earthquake were to hit the New York area, the reactor with the highest risk of damage is Reactor 3 at Indian Point in Westchester, New York, just 24 miles from the Bronx. "The suggestion is that of all the [104] power plants across the country, that the Indian Point power plant is most susceptible to an earthquake because Reactor No. 3 is on a fault [line]," said Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday. While Japan struggles to contain catastrophe at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, and we all observe in horror, Cuomo took a break from his family's ski vacation to make a statement on the matter at hand. "It should be closed," he said. "This plant in this proximity to the city was never a good risk."

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Snooki to Own World, One Fuzzy Slipper at a Time

Following in the plush footsteps of any double/triple/six-packed threat (what's with the Situation these days, anyway?), Snooki, who already, obviously, has a book out, not to mention her special limited edition New Year's Eve pendant, is set to unroll an unprecedented array of new "Snooki-branded" products, from fuzzy slippers to bling. She has New York firm SRG Ventures helping her, and they see potential -- tons of potential -- for expansion. Like...Denim! Lingerie! Beauty products! Bedding! Snooki-smells! Home goods!

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The Doorman Has the Dirt: NYC Real Estate's X-Factor

Doormen: a crucial role in the makeup of our metropolis for many, many people, not just the rich assholes! Many people in New York City spanning the lower-middle to the upper-upper classes of this city have doormen, whose influence is profound on both the residents, the management, and the real estate. How profound? They have the power to change everything, reports the New York Times.

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Not So Great News About Air Conditioners On a Hot Day

In case every other New York headline hasn't already warned you, it's fucking hot today. And with hot weather comes even more heated news: Air conditioners are bad for you, the environment, and politics; air conditioners may be violating the law; and, after all that, you might not have power this afternoon to turn your air conditioners on.

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Are We Really Talking About a Fourth Bloomberg Term? Really?

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This is what's commonly referred to as tempting fate.

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