Muammar el-Qaddafi Seeking a New York PR Rep. Any Takers?

qaddafi outfit .jpg
Maybe start with the outfits?
Muammar el-Qaddafi is looking to revamp his image a bit. The Libyan dictator's reputation, while never good, has taken a hit recently as civil war tears his country apart and the whole world condemns his 42-year iron-fisted rule. Being a corrupt strongman is a tough sell, and Qaddafi wants a good publicist in New York, the capital of PR, for the job. Anyone interested? It's a big account!

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In Defense of the Moist-Mom-Vaginas Intern

Earlier this month, a PR email was sent to bloggers to remind them that Mother's Day is all about taking "time to educate a woman you love about vaginal dryness and Replens!" Awkward. Who wrote that? PRNewser checked out the story and discovered that "an intern at the firm thought they could come up with a pitch that went 'beyond content for the newsletter.'" They gave the task of sending out their monthly memos to an intern? How could the vagina moistening company do something so stupid? Not so fast. This intern is absolutely brilliant.

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City Unsure If Soda Really Makes You Fat

The New York Times got its hands on some internal e-mails today that show how desperate city health department officials were to sell a "soda makes you fat" campaign in an effort to boost support for a penny-per-ounce soda tax proposal that ultimately fizzled.

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Why The Social Network is All Good For Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

As is being reported across the entire internet, but initially by the New York Times, employees of the social network Facebook spent their Friday night spread out across two theaters in Mountain View, watching The Social Network, the movie about Facebook. The group, which gifted the local Century 16 with their presence, may or may not have (but probably) included Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who despite saying he would not see the "fictional" film, would have been going for the second time. In all, Zuckerberg could not be handling the press better; he's coming out ahead in every direction.

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