Rockaway Ferry Will Keep Serving Queens Commuters Until 2014

Photo Credit: maryaben via Compfight cc
The Mayor's Office* has announced that the Rockaway Ferry will continue serving Queens residents until 2014. Originally slated to close when repairs to the A line were completed back in May, the ferry will serve commuters at Rockaway Park until the end of January.

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'We Care About New York:' David Lynch On Littering In The City

Screen shot 2012-03-18 at 3.57.24 PM.png
Some of the city's anti-smoking advertising might be disturbing/gross, but no public service announcement creeps us out quite like this one that the Atlantic Cities alerted us to earlier this week. It's David Lynch's 1991 take on why we shouldn't litter, and it features ominous music, an unsuspecting child, careless adult litterers and intense close-ups of rats that give them oddly humanoid qualities. Watch video after the jump.

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More Idiots Than Ever Are Being Injured by Walking With Headphones

Not so euphoric, young lady.
The latest in things that your mom and probably Mayor Bloomberg have been telling you are bad for you for ages (though of course you've failed to adhere to their recommendations to stop doing them) is...walking with headphones. Yep, walking around with your own very special theme song piped into your ears to the exclusion of any other sounds is not only the only way we want to live, it also might lead to your demise. According to the journal Injury Prevention, which has a vested interest in such things, "the number of people killed or seriously injured as a result of not being aware of their surroundings due to ear buds or headphones has tripled in the past six years." (Probably, the number of people traveling with personal musical devices plugged into their ears has also tripled, but no matter: Knowledge saves lives!)

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Texting While Walking: The Proper Technique

Casey Neistat, the guy who brought you that video on bike lanes in which he willingly crashed into whatever happened to be parked in said bike lanes for PSA purposes, has brought us another informative guide to living in the city. This latest Op-Ed, with video that merges the old-timey PSA-style of our youth with modern-day OMGs, published in the New York Times, is about what we like to call "death by Smartphone": the likelihood that we are going to be hit by a car, bicycle, or other fast-or-not-even-moving, heavy object (human, perhaps?) while we stare, entranced, into our phone and keep our feet moving in the direction of our hoped-for destination. Because, like rubbing your tummy and talking, or chewing gum and blow-drying your hair, texting and walking is hard! And what is difficult is often dangerous. This is why we have the Darwin Awards.

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A Christmas Tree Set a Car on Fire in the East Village

As Myles wrote on Monday, it's high time to throw away your old, dead Christmas tree. But while doing so, please dispose of it properly! According to the blog Strollerderby, a Christmas tree was seen in flames, in the East Village, the other night. It managed to set an entire minivan on fire. (EV Grieve says this happened on 7th Street between A and 1st, and has photos -- it appears that the car's windows were blown out from the fire.)

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20 New Year's Eve Experiences You Will Have in Your Lifetime

happy New Year hat 4.jpg
It's that time of year, the time of year in which you say "it's that time of year" way too much. We'll stop after this post, we almost guarantee it. It's also the time for rounding up all of the various exciting offers you've received to do whatever it is you like to do on the evening of December 31, from heretoforth known as "New Year's Eve." As this is not our first rodeo, we at Runnin' Scared have experienced a whole adult lifetime of New Year's Eves, and...they don't get easier, really, but maybe they get better. Or maybe they don't. Let's reminisce! Here are 20 New Year's Eves that you can get busy improving upon tomorrow night. Hopefully.

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Relax, That Terrifying 'Extreme Alert' Message on Your Cell Phone Is Only a Test

Alert: You need a new phone.
Today between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., the Office of Emergency Management will be sending out texts that say "Severe Alert" or "Extreme Alert." This would be frightening, perhaps even terrifying, but, not to worry, this is only a test! In partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, the FCC, and others, the OEM is conducting this test of Wireless Emergency Alerts, a new free emergency notification system that will allow government officials to send geographically targeted alerts in case of danger to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Sprint customers. While random text messages on our cell phone generally send us into a tizzy even if they only say "Hey," or "What are you up to?" these practice texts are for our safety, and should be met with much joy.

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Wide-Eyed Tourists Give Con Man Their Credit Cards, Feel Scammed

Beware, dear tourists and kind people who may not know better. The New York Post writes of a scammer walking among us in sheep's clothing! (Actually, he's been arrested, and he was probably wearing a suit, but one should still be wary of copycats.) Olivier Rey, 48 years old and Swiss, had been targeting people with a sob story outside the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, telling them he'd lost his credit card in a cab and needed help so he could check in. By help, he meant their credit cards -- just for an imprint, though, he'd get a replacement card the next day, and they'd never get charged. Amazingly, three of them handed the cards over.

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The Q Train Loves You and Wants You to Be Happy

The Q train would like to remind you that love is possible, and that it will happen to you, even you! This hopeful memo seen en route from Union Square to Brooklyn this Saturday may be the loveliest thing anyone has ever said to us -- via Post It note, on public transportation, anyway.

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New York's New Traffic Safety Haikus Get the Haiku for the Single Girl Treatment

The DOT's new haiku safety program.
Have you seen the Department of Transportation's latest effort to keep people safe on our streets? It involves little signs with little safety messages placed in "high-crash locations" where...perhaps...people should not be stopping to read? According to NBC NY, "Half of the signs will be hung in pairs, with the image and haiku text appearing. Others will be equipped with technology to allow New Yorkers to access the safety message via smartphone."

Safety tip: Put down your smartphone while in the street. No, not actually IN the street...

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