Racists Declare White Man March a Success, Everyone Else Wonders If It Actually Happened

Image via White Man March
A White Man March attendee
Well, that escalated quickly.

Last week we broke the story (in the mainstream, non-racist press, anyway) of the White Man March, a flash mob-style demonstration planned for March 15 by Kyle Hunt, a 30-year-old Amherst graduate from a very small town in Massachusetts. The story went viral and was picked up by multiple local and national media outlets. Then, evidently, the WMM happened, although none of us actually saw it.

To be fair, that was Hunt's intention. From the outset, he'd said his goal was to make sure that "outside media" weren't able to cover the event and somehow make him and his fellow "pro-white" activists look foolish.

"If there aren't any opposition forces there, we'll be the ones with all of the media," he explained on a white power podcast. "And we'll select out the pieces of media that make us look the best."

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The White Man March, Which Is Almost Exactly What It Sounds Like, Is Coming to New York

Image via White Man March
Kyle Hunt
This coming Saturday, March 15, in a bunch of cities worldwide, disgruntled white supremacists will take to the streets, bearing banners that read "DIVERSITY" = WHITE GENOCIDE in very big red letters. The White Man March aims to be a large display of "coordinated pro-white activity," timed to coincide with St. Patrick's Day and meant to express these white folks' displeasure with how "white countries" are being over-run with, you know, non-whites and Jews and such.

There's only one hitch. The organizer of the White Man March is Kyle Hunt, a 30-year-old guy who hails from a very small town in Massachusetts, near Cape Cod. Hunt understands that in the United States, white nationalists don't really have the numbers to pull off an impressive-looking march. Past white supremacist protests have ended up, in his words, "looking like a circus." He's also fearful that the police or "anti-fascist" protesters might show up to try to disrupt the WMM festivities. So in New York and other big U.S. cities, the White Man Marchers are planning a very quiet flash mob, which they hope none of us will hear about ahead of time.

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White Supremacist Craig Cobb Grapples With DNA Test Suggesting He Is Part Black

Categories: Racists

Trisha Goddard Show
Craig Cobb
The last time we spoke to white supremacist Craig Cobb, he was inviting white New Yorkers to join his Aryan colony in North Dakota.

Cobb was in the tri-state area to appear on the Trisha Goddard Show, where he took a DNA test to check his racial purity. Turns out -- as it usually does on shows like this one, which shares a studio with Maury and the Jerry Springer Show -- Cobb is part black. Surprise!

According to a DNA test conducted by the company AncestrybyDNA, he is 86 percent European and 14 percent sub-Saharan African. Reacting to the news in a conversation with the Voice on Tuesday, Cobb passed through at least four of the Kübler-Ross model's five stages of grief.

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Are There Neo-Nazis in Greenpoint? Adam Krause Photos Resurface Two Years Later

Categories: Racists

On Thursday, November 7, Slate published a provocatively titled series of photos, "Life as a Nazi Skinhead in Brooklyn." The seven hauntingly beautiful portraits of neo-Nazi skinheads who ostensibly live in Greenpoint were taken by Adam Krause.

In an email interview with Slate's Jordan G. Teicher, Krause explains that he met his subjects at a gym and struck up an acquaintance, hoping to gain their trust, after he recognized the logo of a racist band on one of their T-shirts.

Strangely, Teicher's post does not mention two central facts:

1) That Krause's photos were originally posted online nearly two years ago, and

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White Supremacist Craig Cobb Has a Plan to Rid New York of Bigots

Categories: Racists

Craig Cobb, via Facebook.com
Craig Cobb has been active in the radical white-power movement for years -- he's known for running Podblanc, a neo-Nazi version of YouTube -- but he made the front page of the New York Times for the first time in August. The story was about Cobb's plans to transform the small North Dakota town where he has been quietly buying up property into a colony for white supremacists like himself.

Cobb has already offered homes to high-profile leaders of the white nationalist movement, including White Aryan Resistance founder Tom Metzger, April Gaede (mother of the reformed Prussian Blue pop singers), Alex Linder of the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network, and Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement.

Now, Cobb is extending the invitation to New Yorkers, too.

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Times Square Man Hits Hijab-Wearing Woman With Sign, Calls Her a "Fucking Terrorist"

Ah, Times Square. That place has everything--Broadway shows, naked body painting, anti-Semitic Elmo.

This weekend, it was also the site of an ugly race-based attack. An unidentified man was captured on video swearing at Times Square demonstrators, including a woman wearing a hijab, whom he called a "fucking terrorist" before hurling a sign at her.

"Are you out of your mind?" the woman, Rachel Gunnoe, is heard starting to say before the man charges toward her. He was quickly handcuffed by two NYPD officers, but it remains unclear whether the man will face any charges.

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Dov Hikind's Blackface Episode Gets the Daily Show Treatment

Facebook via Politicker
Dov Hikind's Purim blackface escapade was matched only by his remarks afterwards.
When pictures of Assembly member Dov Hikind dressed up in blackface as a "basketball player" for his annual Purim party hit Facebook this week, it prompted a predictable media firestorm.

Predictable, apparently, to everyone except Hikind, who spent the last two days explaining to anyone who would listen that he was astounded anyone could be offended by a Purim costume, because the costume, as he told Gothamist, "was just about being different. And that's what we do on Purim."

Hikind continued to dig the whole deeper, trying to tell the Daily News that his costume was best understood in the wider context of harmless fun: "People in the community were dressed up as Arabs," he said. "What was that about?"

Finally, though, as pressure mounted, Hikind allowed as how maybe it wasn't such a great idea, though his apology was very much of the I'm-sorry-you-were-offended variety. In fact, direct quote: "Anyone who was offended, I'm sorry they were offended."

As a grace note, Hikind capped his everyone-needs-to-lighten-up apology with this sour statement to the New York Times:

"Next year I was thinking I'd be an Indian," he said. "But you know, I've changed my mind about that. I don't think that's a good idea. Somebody will be offended."

So, yeah: Overall, A+ apology, Mr. Hikind. After a performance like that, perhaps it's no surprise that the Assembly member got the national TV treatment from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Watch the video after the jump:

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Assembly Member Dov Hikind Celebrates Purim in Blackface

Categories: Racists

Facebook via Politicker
Assembly Member and racist troll Dov Hikind celebrates Purim.
It's only Monday, but Assembly Member Dov Hikind already has a commanding lead in the Most Spectacularly Racist Gesture By A New York Politician This Week contest.

As Politicker first reported, Hikind celebrated Purim this year with a costume party, for which a professional make-up artist transformed him into a "basketball player" by means of an afro wig and blackface. As Hikind told Politicker:

"I was just, I think, I was trying to emulate, you know, maybe some of these basketball players. Someone gave me a uniform, someone gave me the hair of the actual, you know, sort of a black basketball player," Mr. Hikind explained. "It was just a lot of fun. Everybody just had a very, very good time."

Everybody had a good time! Okay! Some of us had been worried that maybe someone might be offended.

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Ku Klux Klan Is Recruiting At Westchester's Mercy College (According To Sophomoric Flier Found In Residence Hall)

Categories: Racists
Anyone interested in joining the racist, knuckle-dragging ranks of the Ku Klux Klan is in luck: they're recruiting -- according to an idiotic flier posted at an Upstate college, anyway.

The flier pictured above was posted on the third floor of the Westchester Marriott Hotel in Dobbs Ferry last weekend. The hotel serves as a residence hall for students at Mercy College, so chances are the Ku Klux Klan isn't actually recruiting in Upstate New York -- it's more likely just a dopey prank by some college-age dipshits.

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Is Exposing Racist A-Holes OK If Those Racist A-Holes Are High School Kids?

As we reported earlier, there's a racist "tweet" war waging against re-elected President Barack Obama. The words "nigger" and "monkey" are popular slurs directed at the president by presumably white morons who are upset that they must endure four more years of Obama (gasp!).

But many of these racist assholes aren't your run-of-the-mill, bearded, hillbillies from bum-fuck Arkansas -- they're dopey high school kids, some of whom are from New York.

There's nothing we love more than exposing a-holes for the a-holes they are -- and subsequently making their lives as difficult as humanly possible. But we also took a few journalism ethics courses, where we learned that -- with a few exceptions -- kids are off limits, regardless of how ignorant they may be.

That said, Jezebel over the weekend published a brilliant blog post that not only named several of these racist, teenage idiots, but called their high schools. In some cases, the website contacted colleges at which the students (supposedly) were set to receive scholarships.

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