New York Only the Sixth Funniest City in The Country, But Still Funnier Than L.A.

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When the press release for TEDxBoulder caught Joel Warner's eye back in 2010, he hadn't the faintest idea it would ultimately lead him into the belly of a cargo plane bound for the Amazon with Patch Adams, 100 "Burning Man-type" clowns and Dr. Peter McGraw. It did, and it's actually kind of a funny story.

McGraw, the head of University of Colorado's Humor Research Lab, was giving a TED talk, "What Makes Things Funny," and Warner, a staff writer at Westword in Denver, was looking for his next story. He ended up writing "The Yuk Stops Here" about McGraw and his research. When the story came out, he got a call a call from a literary agent in New York who pitched him an idea for a book: Warner and McGraw would travel the world together, studying the science of what makes people laugh.

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Year-End Top Ten Lists: We Rank Each Number

The year-end list is an odd phenomenon. In the past, they were one-offs newspapers ran to fill space during the holiday doldrums. Because the Internet is basically an excuse to run slideshows and top tens, year-end lists take center stage. You've read dozens of these pointless and arbitrary rankings in the past week, so we present to you the most pointless and arbitrary year-end list of them all: The top ten numbers used in year-end top ten lists.

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Goldman Sachs De-Partnering Is Like Facebook Defriending, but Way More Hurty

Wanna know what's awesome? The moment Goldman Sachs names you a "partner," a title 100 people will receive this fall. (About 375 of the bank's 35,000 employees are partners.) By bestowing partnership on an employee, the company is essentially whispering in that person's ear, "You will get a multimillion dollar bonus year after year," according to the New York Times. Not bad, right? Until...this happens:

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New York City, The World's #1 Land of Opportunity. Also: Costs Too Much, Stupider Than Paris.

I mean, the title pretty much says it all. Like you didn't know this?

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