What Should You Actually Do When You Get a Rat in Your Wrap or a Frog In Your Salad?

Photo by Jack Buehrer, who didn't have lunch there
An out-the-door lunchtime line at Chop't on July 9, the day after the Rat Wrap story broke.
Another month, another soul-destroyingly disgusting foreign object in some poor unfortunate diner's food. On Tuesday, Gothamist brought us the story of the Rat Wrap, in which some anonymous guy at a law firm apparently ordered lunch delivered from Chop't on Pine Street in the Financial District and got an extra party favor, in the form of a whole damn rodent tucked away amongst the lettuce. (It looks like a mouse to us, but we'll bow to the alliterative superiority of the term "Rat Wrap.") Two of his colleagues tweeted about the incident, one with a stomach-turning photo, and RatGate was born.

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Rats (Still) Invade New York

And now for an item about rats' imminent takeover of New York.

Undeterred by the wild coyotes roaming parts of Harlem and Central Park, rats have moved beyond their old hangouts -- the city's subways, playgrounds and car parties -- and have become very comfortable in Upper Manhattan, which now boasts the highest infestation rate in the borough.

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Want To Host A Rat 'Party?' Have A Car In the City

Screen shot 2012-03-18 at 10.35.53 AM.png
Forget lack of cheap or available parking, the Daily News today has another reason not to keep a car in the city: rats. Yes, according to an opinion piece by ABC News writer and producer Joel Siegel, the city's furry/gross friends . Siegel tells the tale of the multiple rat "parties" -- his mechanic's words -- that took place in the hood of his Volvo. We're just imagining all the city's rats getting together and saying, "look we've gotten recognition for our domination of the subways and parks, how can can we promote our work in other fields?"

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Tompkins Square Park Rats Play Near Children (VIDEO)

Yesterday, Runnin' Scared wrote about an audit that details not so child-safe conditions at some City playgrounds -- including rats.

This vid, sent to Runnin' Scared by a staffer at the Comptroller's Office (which conducted the audit), demonstrates what appears to be an infestation at Tompkins Square Park -- note the active ratholes located just steps away from where children play.

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'Rat Czar' Joseph Lhota Wants You To Keep Eating in Rodent-Infested Subways

Here's some bad news for 'Rat Czar' Joseph Lhota -- besides being known as the 'Rat Czar,' that is.

Lhota, the newish MTA chairman -- has a BIG rat problem.

Straphanger advocates and the MTA workers union have recently come down hard on Lhota for not doing more to eradicate rodents from subway platforms, 20 percent of which are said to be infested by man's worst enemy. Gross.

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New York's Ugliest Rat Calls Seventh Avenue Station Home

via Rat Free Subways
Let's face it -- as New Yorkers, we have certainly seen our fair share of ugly rats. They're in the parks, in the subway, and if you're particularly unlucky, in your apartment building.

But this rat -- this rat is the ugliest, at least according to the Transit Workers Union, which ran a photo contest to find the ugliest rat in the city. This particular rat, found at the Seventh Avenue station, won the race with a score of 4.8 out of 5 (somewhere between "ugly" and "beastly").

TWU started the contest as a way to bring more attention to the rat problem in city subway stations. As stated on the Rat Free Subways website (be warned -- probably not for the rodent-averse):

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State Senate Bill Wants To Ban Subway Snacking To Get Rid Of Rats

We know from experience that two things make for strange and uncomfortable subway videos: food and rats. Now, in order to get rid of the latter, a New York State Senate bill aims at getting rid of the former. The New York Post reports that the proposed bill would institute a $250 fine for anyone caught snacking, and that money would go to a fund to help curb litter.

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Life in the Pig City: New Yorkers Love Public Dumping

Here's some good news for the giant rats galavanting through our fair city (and bad news for the rest of us who want to avoid disease): Stats show that a decent amount New Yorkers are complete dirtbags who really like to dump their trash in public.

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Enjoy Looking At Subway Rats? Play 'Rate My Rat'

Screen shot 2012-01-13 at 6.22.10 PM.png
Did you enjoy looking at that picture of the giant rat in the Bronx Foot Locker? Yes? First, ew, and second, we've got the perfect quest for you. As part of their "New Yorkers Deserve A Rat-Free Subway" campaign, the city's Transport Workers Union has started a "Rate My Rat" contest.

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Here Is a Picture of a Giant Rat Supposedly Found in a Bronx Foot Locker

Have you witnessed the latest giant dead rat of New York City, as photographed in what appears to be a Foot Locker stock room in the Bronx? It is a beaut! Actually, it is horrifying. The picture was tweeted by @TheGoodfella, who writes, "SON THEY FOUND MASTER SPLINTER AT A FOOTLOCKER IN THE BX...THIS SHIT WILD."

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