Brown University Committee Releases Report on Ray Kelly Heckling Incident

Screenshot via Brown Daily Herald
Students protest before Kelly's lecture-attempt.
It's been a full four months since then-Police Commissioner Ray Kelly headed to Brown University to deliver a lecture on "proactive policing," and instead was driven from the stage by student hecklers displeased with his policies on stop-and-frisk. Kelly has since moved on, working as a "distinguished visiting fellow" at the Council on Foreign Relations and, soon, as a special adviser to Governor Andrew Cuomo's planned new school on homeland security and emergency preparedness.

But Brown University, in the grand liberal arts tradition of discussing every single thing to death and beyond, is still parsing the meaning of the Ray Kelly Heckling Incident, even appointing a ten-person committee to explore what happened that afternoon. Last week, the committee released the first half of a two-part report, which outlines everything that happened from the moment the lecture was announced to the time Kelly touched down in his NYPD-funded helicopter to speak.

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Transcript of Ray Kelly's Never-Delivered Brown University Speech Leaked

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Brown Daily Herald's YouTube page.
On October 29th, Ray Kelly was scheduled to deliver a public lecture at Brown University. Student protestors -- upset over the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policy, wiretapping of Muslim communities, and other perceived abuses of power -- shouted down the NYPD commissioner. The event was cancelled and Kelly was ushered out of the auditorium without having the opportunity to read his speech.

Now, for the first time since that incident, a full transcript of his prepared remarks has emerged.

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Soon-To-Be-Ex-Police Commissioner Ray Kelly Will Join the Council on Foreign Relations

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Ray Kelly
We all wondered how Police Commissioner Ray Kelly would spend his time after January 1, when new mayor Bill de Blasio is sworn in, and Kelly's replacement, Bill Bratton, takes his spot. Golfing with Michael Bloomberg in Bermuda? Freelance stop-and-frisking? In a New York magazine profile published earlier this month, the commissioner waxed mysterious, telling the magazine: "I mean, I'm going to remain active and employed, and I can't go into much more because lawyers have advised me not to talk about it, conflict of interest, that sort of thing. But this has been a great job. I couldn't stay, anyway, I understand that. But people had told me, 'Well, you'll know when it's time to go.' Well, it's time to go."

And now we know what that means: this morning, the Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank with a focus on global politics, announced that Kelly will join them as a "distinguished visiting fellow." The CFR says Kelly will begin work with the organization in early January at its New York HQ, where he'll focus on "counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and other national security issues."

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Brown University Considering Action Against Students Who Heckled Ray Kelly

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David Shankbone
The sweet victory some Brown University students tasted last week when they successfully drove NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly from the stage during a campus appearance is about to sour -- administrators look poised to bring the hammer down on the students involved.

In a letter addressed to the Brown University community on Wednesday, President Christina Paxson said the administration is forming a committee to review the incident. The group, which will be made up of five faculty members and three students (two undergrads, one grad student), will "be charged with making findings and recommendations" about what should happen to those students who they determine were involved in the incident.

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On Talk Radio, Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly Do a Stop-and-Frisk Victory Lap

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Michael Bloomberg
After yesterday's announcement that Judge Shira Scheindlin has been removed from the stop and frisk case Floyd v. City of New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly were feeling pretty satisfied. We know that because they appeared promptly on WOR 710, a news talk radio station, this morning, to pronounce themselves -- and the philosophy behind stop-and-frisk -- vindicated.

"We're very satisfied with the ruling," Bloomberg told host John Gambling. "It says basically that Commissioner Kelly can run the department the way he's been running it with my approval and support for the last 12 years, and bringing crime down." The mayor added that it was also a victory for the city's police officers: "A majority of them are black and Hispanic. They have had their names dragged through the mud over the last year. I think they deserve a lot better than that."

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Watch Ray Kelly Driven From the Stage by Hecklers at Brown University

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Ray Kelly arrived at Brown University yesterday prepared to speak about the "proactive policing" policies he has implemented as NYPD commissioner, including stop-and-frisk.

Brown students, it's clear from video shot in the auditorium yesterday, were equally prepared to keep him from speaking. Every time Kelly started a sentence -- as soon as he started it -- he was shouted down by protesters reading their own prepared remarks, also on the topic of stop-and-frisk.

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"Topless Papparazzo" Holly Van Voast Wins $40,000 Settlement Against New York City and the NYPD

Image via LensJockey, Van Voast's Flickr portfolio
Holly Van Voast, in character.
In 2011 and 2012, Holly Van Voast and her bare breasts saw a lot of the city together. Van Voast, an artist and photographer, took on the persona of "Harvey Van Toast," a "topless paparazzo" who wore a pencil-thin mustache, sometimes a newsy sort of fedora, and not much in the way of shirt. She appeared in character on the D train up to the Bronx, in Grand Central, outside a tony Upper East Side elementary school (where, she says, an enraged helicopter mom grabbed her camera and smashed it), and once in criminal court, answering a citation she got during her walk through Grand Central. In the courtroom, she promptly took her shirt off, to the shock, displeasure, and probably near-heart-failure of her almost 90-year-old court-appointed attorney.

And of course, Harvey showed up frequently to snap paparazzi-style photos of movie stars, catching a nonplussed-looking Johnny Depp peering at her over the top of a car, a baffled Bill Cosby, and a delighted-seeming Robert Downey Jr. Van Voast meant it as pure art, she says, a sort of gonzo performance that would draw attention to both her and an underground group of "punk drag" performers she frequently photographed. Instead, over and over, she got arrested.

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Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: Mayoral Candidates Don't Understand Terrorists' "Enduring Obsession With New York"

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Ray Kelly
The new mayor, whoever he or she may be, isn't even the mayor yet, but that hasn't stopped NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly from accusing that person of being soft on terrorism. In a speech before the Association For a Better New York's Council on Foreign Relations, he complained that none of the candidates have asked for a terrorism briefing from him, and claimed that the "threat of terrorism" in New York "is as great, if not greater, today than it was before the World Trade Center was destroyed."

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Listen, Guys, Ray Kelly Is Not Running for Mayor

Not your mayor.
Ten years in command of one of the world's largest city law enforcement agencies. A solid Bloomberg ally, managing the mayor's budget cutbacks after 9/11 changed the way the NYPD does business. A fantasy for New York Republicans, the New York Post editorial page, and even fellow Voice scribe Graham Rayman. But, as yesterday's mayoral certification deadline came and went, the message is clear: NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly will not be running for City Hall anytime soon.

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Mayor Bloomberg on Post-Boston Security: "You're Never Going to Know Where All Our Cameras Are"

Eugene Reznik
Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly delivered a press conference at City Hall this afternoon, revealing information about the Boston bombers' plans to come to New York City. Upon earlier information and belief, Dzhokar Tsarnaev said he had planned to come to New York to "party," but Bloomberg and Kelly told reporters that, in fact, Dzhokar and his brother spontaneously decided after the Boston bombings to bomb Times Square.

"God forbid they had gone to Times Square," the mayor said, but added that if they had, "they would not have seen the extensive networks of cameras."

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