The Best Passages From This Weekend's Reddit AMA With a NYC Cabbie

The Ask Me Anything forum on Reddit allows users of the insanely popular (and insanely addicting) aggregation site to propose inquiries of all shapes and sizes to the character in interest. It's a Q&A for the masses and, seriously, the "anything" is highly stressed.

By now, we're sure you've heard of it. Why? Because the President has done one. And so has a participant on MTV's deceased wonder "Pimp My Ride." Pretty much everyone currently significant in pop culture has signed on for the ride.

But, last weekend, the AMA was localized for our viewing pleasure. On Friday, the Reddit community welcomed a 26-year-old cabbie from the Big Apple with open arms. The twentysomething gave this description about himself:

I'm not the typical New York City cab driver. I'm younger and I was born and raised in the USA. I went to prep school and four year university. I have been moonlighting, sometimes heavily, for 3 years. I'm working full time now until the end of the summer when I'm quitting for good. I work the night shift.

Transportation truths we've all been thinking about definitely ensued. Here's a few that every New Yorker should read:

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