One Dead, One Injured in Chelsea Shooting [Update]

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At about 11:10 this morning, @NYScanner reported that there was a shooting at 413 West 16th Street. According to the tweet, two people were shot and one was given CPR and transported to a hospital. DCPI has confirmed that the victim was pronounced dead on arrival at Bellevue Hospital. According to @alwaysactions, the second victim was the shooter and is in traumatic arrest. DCPI is now saying that he was stabbed. He is in custody and the weapon has been recovered.

According to an employee at Fulton Houses, the government housing development in front of which the shooting took place, employees have been advised not to comment on the situation.

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Billy Leroy on the New Bowery: 'I Hate the Mom Jeans; I Hate the Flip-Flops'

Rebecca Nathanson
For the last 25 years, a massive canvas tent has stood on the north side of East Houston Street between Bowery and Elizabeth. For the last 10, that tent has housed Billy's Antiques and Props, an antique store that specializes in obscure objects. Owned by Billy Leroy, the store is one of the last remnants of the "old Bowery."

This winter, however, as reported by the New York Times, the tent will come down for good and be replaced by a two-story building, part of which will include Billy's. In keeping with the store's current, slightly sinister atmosphere, the tent will be buried beneath the new building as a way of celebrating its importance to the history of both the store and the Bowery, which was once heavily populated with tent shops.

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Strip Poker Art Project Attracts a Crowd

Rebecca Nathanson
On Saturday morning, Art in General, an alternative art space at 79 Walker Street in Tribeca, opened a new exhibition called "I'll Raise You One..." in which a group of people sit in the gallery's storefront window space and play strip poker for all to see. The exhibition is now three days into its seven-day run, and the fascination has not begun to dwindle.

At 1 p.m. this afternoon, a crowd of more than 30 had amassed in front of the windows, spilling out into the streets as everyone tried to take pictures of the events unfolding (and undressing) inside. The space itself is a small orange room with a round table in the center. Around it sat six people -- two women, four men. One of the men was the artist, Zefrey Throwell, who has participated in the game each day; the other five were total strangers who were just there for the day.

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Washington Square Park Musicians Share Their Take on Occupy WSP

Rebecca Nathanson
Sean Daly playing his guitar
Much has been written about the Financial District community's reaction to Occupy Wall Street's continuing occupation of Zuccotti Park, and now that a splinter group from the movement has spread to Washington Square Park, its presence is being felt by a vital sect of the park's community: musicians.

There's been one (failed) attempt to officially "Occupy Washington Square Park" back in October, but a WSP-based General Assembly formed and has been meeting regularly ever since. It's now been almost a month since OWS expanded to WSP, and we went to check out how the park's regular musicians were reacting to their new neighbors.

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Cooper Union Students Hold Open Forum in Response to Possible New Tuition

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Rebecca Nathanson
In the wake of the news that their free university might begin charging tuition, more than 100 Cooper Union students left class this afternoon and took up residence in the middle of Cooper Square. The event, which organizers are hesitant to call a "walkout," currently consists of students and professors "occupying" Cooper Square in front of the Foundation Building; it will continue until 6.

The scene reflected Cooper's diverse student population, which many students believe is itself a result of the lack of tuition: Students solved economics problems on a chalk board, sat cross-legged on the ground with sketchpads on their laps, and lounged on a bright red couch with their homework.

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NYC Students Walk Out to Support Occupy Wall Street and Labor March

Rebecca Nathanson
Yesterday afternoon more than a thousand students walked out of class and gathered in Washington Square Park before making their way down to the Occupy Wall Street Community/Labor March at Foley Square. The call to leave NYU was for 4 p.m., but a substantial crowd was already gathering around the northern side of the fountain by 3:45. As organizers passed out flyers with maps of the route, lists of chants, and information about follow-up events, people huddled together in little clusters and knelt on the ground with markers in their hands and white poster board at their knees.

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NYC Students Stage Walkouts in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Inspired by Occupy Wall Street, students from around New York will walk out of their classes and march down to City Hall this afternoon. Once at City Hall, the students will join the larger Community/Labor March to Wall Street, which already has almost 3,000 people attending on Facebook.

A few months ago, New York Students Rising, a "statewide network of students and campus-organizations dedicated to defending public higher education and empowering students in New York State," according to its website, started organizing around budget cuts in the CUNY and SUNY systems and began to plan for a fall protest. Now, thanks to a chance scheduling overlap with Occupy Wall Street, it has morphed into a solidarity march, and other universities are joining in as well.

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1,000 People Joined in the Light Saber Battle at Washington Square Park Saturday

Paul Quitoriano
If you found yourself walking through Washington Square Park this past Saturday night, you probably noticed the crowd of people dressed in Jedi robes and brandishing light sabers. The event, as we'd written earlier this month, was actually an organized activity, not just your average night of craziness in the park -- put together by Newmindspace and attended by about a thousand people, both children and adults. Newmindspace is the same organization behind the Union Square pillow fight and the Coney Island bubble battle, and has been gradually establishing a loyal following of attendees who have formed a community around the free events.

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Is This What Democracy Looks Like? Observing the Launch of Occupy Wall Street

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Ari Lipsitz
The Occupy Wall Street protest, now in its dwindling stage, started off as something of a shitshow. Around noon on Saturday, Runnin' Scared watched as protesters met at Bowling Green to march around the bronze Wall Street bull and begin their demonstrations. At first, the results were mixed--the journalist-to-protester ratio was totally skewed, and the combination of jugglers, vuvuzelas, handmade cardboard signs of Internet memes, cowbells, bongos, and V For Vendetta masks made the protest seem more carnival-esque than demonstrators may have hoped. The small mass of white college students, who seemed too self-conscious to yell "This is what democracy looks like!" for more than a minute or two at a time, marched around the bull until everyone seemed to tire of it. "Fuck the pigs!" someone wearing a hula hoop shouted halfheartedly.

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On Saturday, 20,000 People Could Be Doing Yoga and Dancing to 'Thriller' on Wall Street

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On September 17, 20,000 people will pitch tents and set up kitchens at Chase Manhattan Plaza in an occupation of Wall Street that will last for months -- or at least, that's what the organizers of Occupy Wall Street are hoping for. According to them, the event will involve a couple thousand people dancing to "Thriller," doing yoga in the street, voicing their opinions, sleeping head-to-toe around a few city blocks, and trying not to get arrested.

We sat down with Occupy Wall Street organizer Will Russell, a grad student at Hunter College, to discuss the occupation's realistic results and possible failure, the internal workings of the organizing process (anarchists!), and how Lupe Fiasco is helping out.

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