The Couple That Drinks Together Drinks Together, Study Finds

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NOT PICTURED: His girlfriend, drinking vodka out of a salad spinner.
Ever notice that when you crack open your third bottle of wine, your boyfriend or girlfriend is uncorking his or her third bottle as well? This may be evidence of a broader trend among young couples, a new study finds. USA Today reports that researchers in Nova Scotia discovered they "were able to predict one partner's binge drinking based on the other partner's binge drinking." Don't worry, single binge drinkers, there's bound to be someone out there for you, and they're probably throwing a shoe at the TV of an airport bar as you read this.

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The Best (and Worst) Days for Online Dating in NYC in 2011, According to Data From OkCupid

We were wondering: Could there be truth to the idea that, say, after a natural disaster, or on a long holiday weekend, there might be a stronger inclination to turn to the sex of your choosing and merge, or try to find someone with whom to merge, or at least get some dinner or something? And how did the year of 2011, in New York City, match up to that theory? We gave some key dates in the last year in New York to the data masters/love specialists at OkCupid, who ran the numbers for us. Aside from the fact that more and more people are online dating in general -- OkCupid co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan told us that from the beginning to the end of the year in 2011, New York City users of the service were up about 30 percent, with overall logins increasing from 30,844 on January 1 to nearly 60,000 logins (and 91,822 messages sent) in December. More intriguing numbers on how we dated last year, after the jump!

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Yes, There Are Still Fewer Men Than Women in New York City. So What?

It's that time of year when we dredge up old stats and check them again! And in so doing, we can confirm, via Census data and the New York Post, that women outnumber men in the city "by 52.5 to 47.5 percent," translating to 410,045 more women then men overall, and nearly 10 percent more women than men among 25- to 29-year-olds. This, says the Post, echoing many, gives "scientific evidence" to the age-old moan and groan that you can't find a good man in this city, which, paradoxically, they dub "a man's city." Earlier this year I wrote some words on the subject; you can read all that here, but the subject seems worthy of some new discussion.

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Your Personality Smells

According to the latest scientific smell-study, you can actually smell crazy (neurotically crazy, that is) people. You -- and we mean the universal you, not you in particular, don't be neurotic -- can smell the personalities of all sorts of people, from outgoing to anxious to dominant. The study elicited 30 men and 30 women to wear white cotton T-shirts three nights in a row, abstaining from using soap, deodorant, or perfume, and from drinking, smoking, or eating "oderous foods" during that period. They also took personality tests.

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The Q Train Loves You and Wants You to Be Happy

The Q train would like to remind you that love is possible, and that it will happen to you, even you! This hopeful memo seen en route from Union Square to Brooklyn this Saturday may be the loveliest thing anyone has ever said to us -- via Post It note, on public transportation, anyway.

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Sad Ex-Boyfriend Asks F Train for Help Getting His Girlfriend Back

All is fair in love and war, which means wearing a sign on the F train that says "I love this girl!...Help me get a second chance," with a picture of said girl, and asking people to write "words of encouragement" on how to get that girl back is totally and completely acceptable, if not totally and completely sane. But who are we to judge? We feel for this guy, and not only because he's walking around underground in a billboard! Others apparently do, too: A tipster told Gawker that some of them did sign the sign, though most people were practicing the established subway methods of "avoid and ignore the weird yelling guy" on the train.

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Prison Doesn't Mean You Have to Stop Looking for Love

Ageloff, from his Prison Inmates profile
Thank you, New York Post, for easing our transition into the post-holiday work week so warmly. For all of those single ladies bemoaning the lack of good men in the city, several hundred words have been devoted to the relationship-ability of 52-year-old Brooklyn man Roy Ageloff, who used to be a millionaire (and a free man) until he confessed to running "one of the biggest mob-linked stock frauds in U.S. history." One should always aim high, after all.

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Living Alone Increases Your 'Risk of Dying'

O.K., let's get something straight. To be human is to die. It WILL happen. The best thing to do is to enjoy yourself until it does, or, at least, that's our philosophy. However! There is a new study out that may worry some of you who are a bit less footloose and fancy free. After analyzing data from 45,000 participants in 29 countries, the researchers determined that if you're younger than 65 and you live alone, you may have a greater risk of dying.

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Park Slope Sex Survey Confirms: (Most) Park Slopers Have Sex

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Singles in Park Slope
Last week we wrote about a sex survey going down at Fucked in Park Slope that promised to reveal some interesting things about the neighborhood. Today, part one is out! Turns out the neighborhood has (a few) more women than men, more straight people than otherwise -- and nearly a quarter of Park Slopers are single and looking for a relationship.

From FIPS: "While no one is fucking like a rabbit in Park Slope, 51.5% said they have sex one to three times a week. Unfortunately, another 30% have a nonexistent sex life. About one in three readers have had a one night stand in the neighborhood. When it came to ménage à trois, 41.7% said it was a pipe dream. Coordinating schedules (and orgasms) proved to be too much work for 55.3% of the group."

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Ingrid Burrington, Researcher of Missed Connections: 'The Loneliest Place in NYC is Union Square'

Under the semi-serious auspices of the Center for Missed Connections, 24-year-old Ingrid Burrington, who grew up in California, has been studying Craigslist's outlet for the lonely, the hopeful, the romantic, the horny, and the insane for more than two years now. It all started with what she calls a whimsical question: "What's the loneliest place in any given city, and how can I measure it?" From there she turned to chronicling Missed Connections, which led to a map for an art show in 2009 at Pratt, a book project, and, currently, a residency through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. From her website:

The Center for Missed Connections (CMC) began as a project simply to identify where the most missed connections happen in a given city. New York City is home to the pilot program, chosen for its high traffic and for the propensity of posters to include specific cross-streets or location information. Since then, the analysis has developed a thorough taxonomy of the Missed Connection and a method for identifying whether one has, in fact, had a Missed Connection. The CMC seeks to understand the longing, both poetic and banal, within public spaces.
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