Four More Hasids Accused Of Interfering With Orthodox Sex Abuse Trial

For the second time this year, four Orthodox Jews have been arrested for allegedly interfering in the trial of prominent Jewish leader/"therapist" Nechemya Weberman, who allegedly sexually abused one of his patients for several years, starting when the girl was only 12 years old.

The four men arrested allegedly took photos of the victim as she testified in front of a Brooklyn jury yesterday, presumably to intimidate the girl. One of the photos ended up on Twitter.

The four men -- Lemon Juice, 30, Joseph Fried, 23, Yona Weisman, 23, and Abraham Zupnick, 23 -- are all members of the insular Satmar sect of Hasidic Judaism based in Williamsburgh, of which Weberman is a leader.

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Iranian Technology, Gays, Women's Suffrage All Credited With Causing Hurricane Sandy

Naked Pastor
Hurricane Sandy was caused by Iranian technology that's capable of controlling weather patterns to punish Iran's enemies and the enemies of its friends. The reason the storm hit New York so hard is because God is punishing the Empire State for defying his word and allowing gay people to get married.

But what really caused the storm was "American arrogance" -- it's just nature's way of giving the U.S. a "divine slap" for its godless policies, including allowing women to vote.

Those are just a few of the theories laid out on the blogosphere by morons who unfortunately are allowed Internet access.

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Grace Lee Wins the Right to Die -- Opts to Live

Categories: Death, Religulous
Grace Lee
Hell, apparently, can wait for a terminally ill Manhattan woman who won a court battle last week giving her the right end her own life -- despite the insistence by her uber-religious parents that doing so would damn her to hell.

The Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court ruled Friday that Grace Lee could opt to remove the ventilator that is keeping her alive following a month-long legal dispute with her parents. Lee, however, has opted to live.

Lee's lawyer said yesterday that when he asked her if she wanted to stay on the ventilator -- and thus continue to live -- she responded "yes."

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"Love Your Muslim Neighbor" Campaign Organized To Counter Anti-Islam Subway Ads

Categories: Religulous
As some people spray-paint and vandalize the anti-Islam subway ads currently posted in 10 New York City subway stations, others are using different, more legal methods to discredit the Islam-o-phobic message in the ads, which compares Muslims to "savages."

Sojourners magazine, a faith-based "social justice" publication, says it plans to purchase ad space from the MTA to launch its "Love Your Muslim Neighbor" ad campaign, noting that the Gospel of Matthew "wasn't just a suggestion."

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Anti-Islamic Subway Ad Scuffle: Time To Pick Sides

Freedom of expression(s)?
It took just over 24 hours for several subway ads featuring an offensive, anti-Islamic message were vandalized, which, somehow, has led to a debate about the First Amendment, as apparent in the comment section of our story abut the vandals posted yesterday.

The entire debate is a bit of an enigma/completely contradictory -- it seems many of the people who detest the ads and want them taken down are the same people advocating for the free speech rights of those vandalizing the ads.

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Anti-Islamic Subway Ads Already Vandalized. That Didn't Take Long *VIDEO*


It has been less than 48 hours since anti-Islamic subway ads went up in 10 New York City subway stops, and -- as we predicted/perhaps encouraged -- several of them already have been vandalized.

In one case of alleged vandalism -- which was caught on tape, and you can see below -- a self-described Egyptian-American named Mona Elthaway spray paints not only one of the ads but also a woman who was trying to protect it.

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Ads Calling Islamic Jihadists "Savages" Hit NYC Subways. Related: "Making Graffiti" Only a Misdemeanor in New York

This shouldn't cause any problems -- Islamic jihadists being well-known for their peaceful responses to criticism, and all.
Just in time for day one of the meeting of the United Nations' General Assembly -- when people from across the world will be in the Big Apple to see how civilized and accepting New Yorkers are -- an ad campaign is going up in the New York City subway system that calls Muslim jihadists "savages."

We wrote about the ad -- pictured above -- last week. Today, the campaign kicks off in 10 subway stations throughout the city.

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Ads Calling Jihadists Uncivilized "Savages" To Appear in NYC Subways. What Could Go Wrong?

There's a reason you see an army of law-enforcement officials armed with semi-automatic weapons in New York City's subways: Public transportation in New York City is a prime target for terrorists who want to blow us up.

So where better to place provocative ads insulting Muslim jihadists than New York City subway stops, right? Because insulting Muslim extremists has always worked out for the best -- just ask Salman Rushdie.

Regardless, next week, you can expect to start seeing ads popping up on New York City subways inferring that Muslim jihadists are not "civilized man" but "savages." You can also expect a lot of people to be pissed off about it -- because A) it suggests that all Muslims are America-hating savages hell-bent on Jihad, which they're not, and B) it seems to invite the very violence it's advocating against from a group of people whose conflict-resolution skills could use a little work.

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Even Pro-Life Christians Think Congressman Todd Akin Is "Extreme"

"He seems a little extreme."

Those were the words we were shocked to hear this morning when we spoke to a pro-life Christian leader about the idiotic comments made by Congressman Todd Akin about women being able to magically end a pregnancy when they're the victims of "legitimate rape."

Pastor Robert Fleischmann is the national director for the Christian Life Resources, a Jesus-y type group "intended to educate on the value and sanctity of human life."

Fleischmann penned an essay posted on the group's website yesterday that -- at first glance -- seems to defend Akin's moronic ramblings. That, he explains to the Voice, is not the case.

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Ramadan And Bacon Don't Mix. But A Hate Crime?

Throwing uncooked bacon all over a field on Staten Island is a reckless waste of bacon. And it also might be a hate crime, authorities say, when the field is the site of a Muslim religious ceremony -- which it was.

Police are investigating pieces of bacon being strewn about John D'Amato Field on New Dorp Lane on Staten Island over the weekend, where about 1,500 Muslims gathered Sunday morning to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

According to the Koran, "He has made unlawful for you that which dies of itself (caracas) and blood and the flesh of swine and that on which the name of any other than Allah has been invoked. But he who is driven by necessity, being neither disobedient nor exceeding the limit, then surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful."

In other words, Muslims don't dig on swine.

Police are investigating the bacon-ing as a hate crime because of its obvious religious implications -- it seems like a bit of a stretch that a field is littered with bacon the very day Muslims are planning to worship there.

Hate crimes are no joke -- the penalties for a crime increase significantly when the "hate" component" is added. But is throwing bacon in a field really a hate crime?

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