Rick Perry: There is Not One Non-White Person in America. (Also, Rick Santorum is a Pig!)

Usually, the advisors of even the most aging white male Republican candidate will pay some crude lip service to the idea of a multi-culti America. Not Rick Perry, though; we've watched his latest video "America is Caling" through a couple of times, and from what we can see, there is not one non-white person in all of America, from New York harbor's Statue of Liberty, to the midwest's amber waves of grain.

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Rick Perry's Anti-Gay Ad Features Music by Gay Composer Aaron Copland [UPDATE]

By now, you've probably seen Rick Perry's "Strong" ad, in which he opines, "There's something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can't openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school." Not only are gays in our military, they're also composing music for our campaign ads. As the Harvard Political Review points out, the music that plays in the background of Perry's ad is inspired by or directly taken from Aaron Copland, a gay composer.

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Rick Perry and the Curious Case of Gay Griping

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the military's discriminatory ban barring homosexuals from serving openly, was signed out of law a year ago this month. After an exhaustive implementation review by the President, the Joint-Chiefs of Staff, and the Secretary of Defense, it officially ended almost three months ago. What effect has allowing the homos to serve openly in the military had on its strength and readiness? None at all (to no surprise to members of the military, veterans, LGBT folks, and most Americans in general).

But try telling this to Rick Perry, the one-time GOP frontrunner now polling in the single digits. He and (the also-single digit polling) Rick Santorum seem to think demonizing the gays and trying to push them back into the closet in the military, while the armed forces and the rest of America have moved on, could be their salvation.

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What You Can Learn About Rick Perry From His Interview in Parade Magazine

Rick Perry gave an interview to Parade Magazine (this week's issue was, yet again, almost completely devoid of any coverage on parades or the parade-attending lifestyle) and people are needling him for comments he made about Barack Obama's birth certificate. He told the interviewer that he has "no reason to think otherwise" that Obama is an American citizen, but refused to say he definitively believes the birth certificate the Obama administration released is real. "I had dinner with Donald Trump the other night," Perry said, "He doesn't think it's real."

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Mitt Romney Not a Christian, Says Mega-Christian With Megachurch

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Robert Jeffress, the evangelical megachurch pastor who introduced Rick Perry at the Voter Values Summit yesterday, has publicly questioned Mitt Romney's faith. Politico reports that when asked whether Mitt Romney was a Christian, Jeffress said, "No." Jeffress added, "That is a mainstream view, that Mormonism is a cult." Jeffress did say that he was "in no way speaking for [Perry]," but the Perry camp is swiftly distancing themselves from the Baptist pastor. If they need a ranch where they can hide from him, I think Perry might have a hook-up.

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Rick Perry's 'Niggerhead' Ranch vs. Michael Jackson's 'Neverland' Ranch: Which is Stranger?

When we first wrote about Rick Perry's "Niggerhead" Ranch, we were struck by how it phonetically reminded us of another infamous getaway spot: Michael Jackson's "Neverland" Ranch.

Both were occupied by larger than life personalities. Both ranches had names that raised eyebrows, especially given who the occupants were.

How do the two size up against each other? Which one is more unsettling and strange?

Let's compare and see!

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Rick Perry and the Curious Case of 'Niggerhead' Ranch

No, this isn't what the sign on Rick Perry's property was referring to.
Courtesy of a great story in the Washington Post, Rick Perry and his advisors are going to have a hard time observing their sabbath as a day of rest this Sunday.

When we awoke this morning to read in Politico's Playbook that the phrase "Niggerhead" will now always be associated with the Perry campaign, we initially wondered if it referred to something else.

Had Perry bought a lake in upstate New York? Afraid it might upstage his own, was he in-artfully referring to the Chia head of Barack Obama? Had he found an even more politically incorrect name for those chocolate-covered European candies known as "Negro Heads"?

Or, perhaps, was Perry's campaign offering the crudest possible caption for just exactly what he was doing to that corn dog?

In reality, what the name referred to was worse than any of these absurd possibilities. "Niggerhead," the Post reports, is the name of a hunting ranch the Perry family has leased since the 1980s.

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