Workers Swarm 42nd Street and Picket Across the City For Liveable Wages and Better Treatment

Jason Lewis/ Village Voice
Workers and supporters pack 42nd Street in Times Square.
Hard-hats and picket-signs flooded 42nd Street yesterday evening as thousands of workers and social activists from around the city gathered in solidarity to fight for better working conditions.

The demonstration came on the heels of last week's Fast-Food Forward protest -- where employees at different fast-food establishments across the city walked off of the job in order to demand higher wages, benefits and the right to unionize.

Fast-food strikers joined forces yesterday with other fed-up workers -- in health-care, construction, security, service industries and other marginalized sectors -- in order to let the rest of the city know that their plight will no longer be ignored.

"Like you fast-food workers, I make $8/hour, no benefits [and] no sick days. Like you Wal-Mart workers, we JFK Airport security officers are fed up too," Prince Jackson, an employee of airport security company Air Serve, told the crowd. "We're here today united because we are faced with the same challenge: 'how do we make our country [and] our economy work for working people?"

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