Prince Harry to Arrive in NYC Today, Tour Hurricane Sandy Damage in Jersey, Then Play a Nice Spot of Polo

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Dear Royal Diary,

What bollocks. Is this punishment for what happened in Vegas last year? They're sending me to New Jersey to inspect Hurricane Sandy damage on my American tour. This is so going to be way less fun than flying military aircraft in Afghanistan, which was a joy for me because I got to use my thumbs, like, you know, with PlayStation. At least on Wednesday I get to attend a celebrity polo match in Connecticut, which 200 journalists are attending, along with the 400 invite-only guests, including models. Smashing! I guess Americans really do care about underprivileged tots in Lesotho.

Alright, diary. I'm knackered. Nigel took his day off today, so I had to hold the pen myself this time.

Harry xoxo


British Royals Usher In Bold New Era: Women Rule!

The British monarchy has finally changed an antiquated set of rules that everyone had forgotten about. Up until now, the rules for British royal succession were that sons trumped daughters no matter what, even if the daughters were older. There also was, until today, a rule barring would-be monarchs from marrying Roman Catholics. Now the entire Commonwealth of 16 nations who still, in 2011, consider Queen Elizabeth their sovereign, have agreed to changing the rules at Prime Minister David Cameron's behest.

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Prince William Wears Chinos: Things We Learned From A New Interview In The Daily Mail

Thumbnail image for rsz_prince-william-kate-middleton-engagement-photos.jpg
We here at Runnin' Scared have fastidiously documented our obsession with the royal family/wedding. So when we read that the Daily Mail had run an exclusive interview with Wills (an excerpt from an upcoming book on the queen), we just had to weigh in. In the Daily Mail piece -- which is accompanied by a series of photos that would make a great set of memes -- we hear more about the prince's daily life and his relationship with his grandma. See what we learned after the jump.

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Prince Harry Gets A Comic Book And Graphic Novel, We Go Slightly Insane

Big news: Prince Harry is getting his own comic book and graphic novel come August. Both are called "The Royals: Prince Harry" and both feature creepy cover art. In one version Harry has brown hair and kind of looks like George W. Bush (anyone else see it?) while a framed picture of Diana in profile looms in the background. In the other an oddly shiny Harry wearing polo gear sits atop a white horse. Whatever! We're excited! And we don't even care that Harry ditched us this year, we just want to see how weird they can make his pretty ginger face look.

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60 Percent of Americans Want Anthony Weiner to Resign; Kate Middleton to 'Be Seen and Not Heard' on U.S./Canada Trip

• A national poll has shown that 60 percent of Americans are in favor of Rep. Anthony Weiner resigning from Congress following his sext scandal. A full 70 percent have an unfavorable view of him. People are taking pictures of the plaque bearing his name out in front of his office at the Capitol and laughing, apparently. Ouch. [NYP]

• Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, has returned from a trip to Africa with Hillary Clinton. Weiner had reportedly been awaiting her return to decide whether or not to resign. [NBC NY]

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Tim Pawlenty Invents Charming Portmanteau; Filipino 18-Year-Old Is World's Shortest Man

tim pawlenty.jpg
  • Crazy person and Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty has come up with a totally inventive term for our current health care laws: "Obamneycare." Get it? Like Obama + Romney. It's supposed to recall how Mitt Romney shamefully tried to help uninsured people with health problems as the governor of Massachusetts. Pawlenty also said some other stuff that is neither grammatically correct nor coherent. [CNN]
  • Junrey Balawing, the 18-year-old son of a blacksmith in the southern Philippines, has been crowned the world's shortest man in the Guinness Book of World Records. Balawing stands 23.5 inches tall. He mysteriously stopped growing at two months old. If you want to see something super-cute, click through and look at his face as he reacts to the news of his title. [NYDN]

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Anthony Weiner's Constituents Don't Want Him to Resign; Charla Nash Gets a Face Transplant

• According to an NY1-Marist poll, the majority of voters in Rep. Anthony Weiner's district (parts of Brooklyn and Queens) don't want him to resign, even if they don't necessarily want to re-elect him. One-third of them do want him to step down. Meanwhile, of course, he's still facing a House ethics investigation. [NBC NY]

• Huma Abedin, Weiner's wife, has been spotted looking cheerful and wearing her wedding ring. [NYDN]

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Prince Harry Not Attending This Year's Governors Island Polo Match

Polo is once again coming to Governors Island this weekend for the fourth annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, but this year it is without what has become its main attraction: Prince Harry. The city tittered with excitement last year when Harry landed on our shores for a summer jaunt. Back then, he did things like visit the Harlem Children's Zone, fall off his horse, and be on-again-off again with Chelsy Davy. But this year, despite our Royal Wedding frenzy, we will be Harry-less.

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The Obamas Gave the Cameron Kids Scooters and a Bo Stuffed Animal

Double the Bo.
Despite the media focusing on any number of alleged "gaffes" on the part of President Obama (awkward toast, a car getting stuck, etc.), the Obamas have been quite etiquette-appropriate in terms of giving presents to their hosts. The following items have been given, according to the White House:

To David Cameron:
- A custom-made pair of White House Magnolia wood and sterling-silver cufflinks engraved on the reverse with the President's signature
- A first edition of President John F. Kennedy's book, Profiles in Courage

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Obamas Arrive at Buckingham Palace; Joplin Tornado Death Toll Reaches 116; Rape Trial Jurors Want to Review Testimony

• President Obama and Michelle have arrived at Buckingham Palace, where they got a 41-gun salute, were serenaded with the Star-Spangled Banner, and met with the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla, and, privately, with Prince William and Kate Middleton. [NYP]

• The death toll from the weekend's tornado in Joplin, Missouri, has risen to 116, making it the deadliest single tornado in nearly 60 years. Search and rescue teams continue to work to find survivors. [Seattle PI/AP]

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