State Senator Ruben Diaz Used Anti-Gay March for Marriage to Talk About Satan

Screenshot via Right Wing Watch
Diaz at the March for Marriage
Reverend State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. has represented the Bronx's 32nd District for some eleven years now, and on one point, he's always been consistent: the gays. Diaz, a Pentecostal minister as well as a Democrat, has remained implacable in his distaste for LGBT people, even when his lesbian granddaughter is leading a counter-protest directly across from his anti-same sex marriage rally. Even in light of the fact that two of his brothers were also gay. Even when the LGBT people in question are teens trying to attend the Harvey Milk School, which Diaz tried to put a stop to in 2003 by suing the city on the grounds that it discriminated against straight students.

So it's perhaps not surprising that Diaz promised he would bring 5,000 people to the National Organization for Marriage's second annual March for Marriage in Washington D.C. yesterday, even though it was the last day then senate was in session, and perhaps he had some other work to attend to. The buses were paid for by NOM themselves, and Diaz said he and more than 100 other Hispanic ministers would attend with their congregations.

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Ruben Diaz Criticizes Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Others For 'Fornication'

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State Senator Ruben Diaz (who recently had a strictly no-children-allowed Christmas party) hates gay marriage, this we know. You might not be shocked to learn that he also despises extramarital cohabitation, Politicker NY reported yesterday.

Earlier this week, Diaz wrote a blog post in Spanish on the website of cable show "Ramón Aníbal TV" that criticizes a number of unmarried couples including Mayor Bloomberg and Diana Taylor, Governor Cuomo and Sandra Lee, and "Bratt Pitt" and Angelina Jolie. He describes their lifestyle as "fornication."

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Ruben Diaz Celebrates A Merry XXXmas With Adults Only Party

Reverend Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr., defender of Wal-Mart and namesake of a building housing a gay community center, is nothing if not a paragon of family values. So that's why we assume, when the highest holiday of his religion's year comes around, Diaz will be celebrating it with a Christmas party celebration for the whole family a Grinch-like "NO CHILDREN" allowed party.

What kind of freaky stuff will be going on at this XXXmas Diaz-fest that kids aren't allowed? Who knows. The mind can only imagine when looking at an invitation like this:

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Bronx Gay Center Moving Into The Reverend Ruben Diaz Gardens Building

Diaz thumbnail.png
C.S. Muncy
Maybe Diaz will bring NOM's Brian Brown as his date to the opening of the Bronx gay center?
Today we got a press release from the Bronx Community Pride Center announcing that they are moving out of their run-down building in Mott Haven and into swanky new digs in Hunts Point/Longwood in a facility called...The Reverend Ruben Diaz Gardens Building.

Yes, you read that right, and we admit we had to pick ourselves off the floor laughing after reading this. But yes, a gay community center is in fact moving into a building named for that Ruben Diaz.

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Ruben Diaz Sr. Calls Black Friday a 'Blessing'

Diaz thumbnail.png
C.S. Muncy
Diaz at an anti-gay marriage rally this past summer.
Now that state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. has officially lost the fight against gay marriage in New York, he's on to the next thing: Walmart. Diaz released a statement regarding Walmart's absence in NYC in light of this past weekend's strong Black Friday sales. In short: sucks about the pepper spraying and violence; congrats to Walmart for the great profits; now let's get a Walmart in the city ASAP. Diaz's statement in full, emphasis ours:

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Rubén Díaz, Sr. Proud to Have "Made History" as Last Democratic Bigot

Diaz guitar200.jpg
C.S. Muncy
Rev. Sen. Díaz playing air guitar
Reverend Sen. Rubén Díaz, Sr., the lone Democratic senator out of 30 to vote against the Marriage Equality Act, is proud to have made history, even though he voted for the losing side.

"I made history. I'm the only New York State Democrat that voted against the bill. I will wear it as a badge of honor," Díaz told the Christian Post. He also told them "that gay marriage is a sign of the End Times," and, though he predicted to explain just how, he is hard at work figuring a way to overturn the newly signed law.

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Erica Díaz, Lesbian Granddaugher of Sen. Ruben Díaz Sr., Talks About Gay Rights

Happy Pride Sunday. As we wrote last week in the Voice feature story "Diaz Family Values," no family more starkly shows where New York has been on same-sex marriage equality and where it is going than the house of Díaz. Senator Reverend Ruben Díaz, Sr. babbled incoherently in front of the world Friday evening, before the Senate rejected his side's dying argument and passed the Marriage Equality Act 33 to 29. After this, it became clearer than ever that Senior's time has passed, and the balance of power in civil rights has shifted in favor of his 22-year-old lesbian granddaughter, Erica Díaz.

Here's a look back at our interview with Erica when she was protesting her grandfather in May. "The New York State Government is not allowing me to exercise my human right to marry the person that I love," Erica said at the time. Now, just two months later, she is free to marry her partner Naomi Torres. | @steven_thrasher

New Yorkers Celebrate Passage of Gay Marriage Bill; Did You Know Another Bill Was Passed Yesterday?

stonewall TPM.jpg
via TPM
Crowds gather outside the Stonewall Inn.
  • We're proud to be New Yorkers today after the state senate passed same-sex marriage last night! And so are the crowds who flooded the West Village to celebrate; revelers gathered outside the Stonewall Inn last night to mark the historic moment. Talking Points Memo has a good slideshow of the scene over there. Our Intern Esther went to go join the party, and we'll have more from her later. We'll have a slideshow later today as well. Despite a horrendously suspenseful vote -- and an eleventh-hour stonewalling attempt by Sen. Ruben Diaz, during which the sound of thousands of people cringing was almost audible-- Governor Cuomo signed the bill into law last night and gay couples will be able to marry in New York starting July 24. How many people do you think proposed to each other last night? And have we thought about how this will double the amount of weddings we attend, and crazily enough that doesn't sound like a bad thing at all?

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Rubén Díaz Sr. Chats with The Village Voice

Diaz thumbnail.png
C.S. Muncy
In this week's Voice feature story, we took a look at Senator Reverend Rubén Díaz, Sr., the only Democrat in the State Senate still against same-sex marriage, and the main face of its opposition in Albany right now.

Given our history with each other, we were quite surprised when Díaz Senior agreed to speak to us on the phone for this story. But he did, and we asked as many questions as we could (before he hung up on us.)

Here's the transcript of our full conversation after the jump.

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