Joe Lhota Has a Murky Past With the East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station

The reopening of the East 91st Street marine transfer station's a controversy a decade in the making. Sparked by Christine Quinn's "environmental racism" comment, the waste disposal spot has infiltrated the mayoral race discussion, leading candidates to pick a side on an issue that involves how we New Yorkers dispose of millions of pounds of trash every day. Republican frontrunner Joe Lhota has pledged to close it if he becomes mayor, but his reasoning is a bit misleading, given his past as Giuliani's go-to garbage defender.

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Giuliani's New Ad for Lhota Reuses Lines From His 2008 Presidential Bid

In a new TV ad, Rudy Giuliani ladles praise on his mayoral disciple. "Joe Lhota is New York," he says, as images flash of Lhota's life as a born-and-raised New Yorker. It's the first official campaign stamp from Lhota's old boss, whom he served as a deputy mayor and liaison to Washington. But the argument Rudy makes for Lhota's candidacy is one of self-plagiarism, in which he posits the candidate (and, in turn, himself) as "running the city" during 9/11--much to the dismay of Lhota's rivals. Ugh, do we have to go back to 2008?

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Does This Old Rudy Giuliani Campaign Ad Make You Want Him to Father Your Children?

How did politicians get elected in the '90s? Experience? Fresh Ideas? Strength?

If this Rudy Giuliani ad from 1993 is any indication, all those took a backseat to soft lighting, a full head of hair, and polos. Lots of polos.

From the vault, this campaign spot begs you to imagine not only having Rudy as your mayor, but much, much more. In the words of second wife Donna Hanover, "This is the kind of man I want to be the father of my children."

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Joe Lhota & Christine Quinn Lead The Polls For Next Mayor


Could this be the race we're half-heartedly doomed to cover?

According to a recent way-too-soon survey conducted by Quinnipiac University, the frontrunners (so far) are clear for this year's 'Who Will Run City Hall After Bloomberg?' On the Republican side, former MTA chairman Joe Lhota has captured 23 percent of voter recognition, seconded by billionaire-turned-possible-politician John Catsimatidis's 9 percent. And, on the Democratic end, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn lies on top of a 35 percent lead, seconded by PA Bill deBlasio's 11 percent.

Well, overly extrapolating from polls this early in the game is a sin, especially because most New Yorkers have no idea who the hell all these Mayoral candidates really are yet. Luckily, for their own electoral sake, Quinn has name recognition because of her position in city politics and, after Sandy's widespread damage to the MTA, Lhota temporarily dominated our headlines. And, if we're going to make any proclamation about these frontrunners for now, it is this:

A battle between Joe Lhota and Christine Quinn would be a diluted match-up between the legacies of Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Bloomberg.

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Giuliani Loyalist Ken Kurson Takes the Helm of the New York Observer

Rudy days are here again! The guy who wrote this book is now editor of the New York Observer.
We noted last week that the likely mayoral candidacy of former Rat Czar and MTA chief Joe Lhota signaled a push by Rudy Giuliani supporters to turn back the clock to a Giuliani-time New York City.

But it turns out Lhota isn't the only Giuliani protege ascending in the public eye right now. Staffers at the New York Observer learned Friday that they've got a new editor: Ken Kurson.

Kurson touted his "long and honorable journalistic career" to David Carr, who broke the news, and Kurson has certainly been around the media circuit, going all the way back to an internship at Harper's, moving on to a fact-checking gig at Rolling Stone. Most recently, Kurson comes to the Observer from Esquire, where he was a contributing editor.

But Kurson has some political ties that set him apart from your average ink-stained wretch.

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Rudy Giuliani Still Hates "Cranky Old Man" Ron Paul and Admits he Doesn't Know if Obama is Anti-American in Quasi-Awesome Interview

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Earlier today, New York's former mayor Rudy Giuliani sat down at the Daily Beast tent at the Republican National Convention to talk politics. Our boy did not disappoint, and the interview, which lasted a little over ten minutes, quickly descended into a perverted game of "fuck, kill, marry." (Giuliani does not want to fuck Ron Paul.)

"I don't get it," he said about the young contingent of voters who still support Ron Paul, Giuliani's old political foe. "I just think they tune out, or they don't understand, or they weren't educated properly.

"I think he's a kook," he admitted. "I think he's a kook, I do." Paul's politics clash strongly with Giuliani's, because Paul had said multiple times that if he'd been president, 3,000 people who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks would still be alive. Giuliani, if you remember, was the city's mayor at the time. He took the veiled insults to heart.

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Giuliani: Romney is Good, But He's No Giuliani (We Don't Understand It Either)

No one can compare to the Mayor of America.
Endorsements are vital parts of a campaign's method of connecting with voters who would otherwise remain skeptical of a candidate's performance. They run as supplements to the Big Picture, stumping on behalf of a message that they believe in for the most part (search: Republican candidates' speeches about Romney before and after Romney became the dominant frontrunner). 

And always make sure you put the candidate first and foremost.

The Mayor of America is an exception to the endorsement formula. On CNN's "State of the Union" this morning, Rudy Giuliani made an implication that, although Romney's record is admirable, it is nowhere near what he accomplished during his tenure as the Mayor of New York but at least better than Obama's record as President. 

In other words, Romney is stuck in the void between a socialist and... a mayor?

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Rudy Giuliani, Frenemy Extraordinaire, Backs Mitt Romney

Remember all that nasty shit Rudy Giuliani, "America's Mayor," said about Mitt Romney?

If you don't, Business Insider has a rundown of some stinging gems. For example: "This is a man without a core, this is a man without substance, this is a man that will say anything to become president of the United States. I think that is a great vulnerability."

Harsh words. Giuliani nevertheless announced today on "FOX & Friends" (of course) that he's endorsing Romney after all and hey, they're great buds who got breakfast and had a "good long talk" last week.

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The 9/11 Eulogies

Grace Giardina
"If you're the mayor's speechwriter, what's your job" after the Towers fall? You're going to start thinking about "how do you find something redemptive out of this attack? How do you try and encapsulate those emotions?"

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Rudy Giuliani Goes AWOL After Promising to Marry Gay Friends

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In 2001, when Rudy Giuliani was struggling through his divorce, he was taken in by a gay couple in Midtown for six months. His host, Howard Koeppel, asked Giuliani one morning over breakfast if he would preside over his wedding to partner Mark Hsiao. Giuliani responded, "Howard, I don't ever do anything that's not legal. If it becomes legal in New York, you'll be one of the first ones I would marry." But now that same sex marriage is legal, the former mayor seems to be going back on his word. Koeppel started making calls to Giuliani before the bill legalizing gay marriage had passed, but he has yet to hear back from the former mayor.

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