Top 5 "Chasing New Jersey" Segments So Far

A virulent new strain of local TV news emerged in New Jersey last week; it's called Chasing New Jersey, and it is both awesome and terrible.

It's like TMZ, but set in New Jersey instead of Hollywood, and, in this production, the character of Harvey Levin is played by failed Congressional candidate and former Chairman of the College Republican National Committee Bill Spadea.

Chasing New Jersey is so awesome (and terrible) that, the day after the show's first broadcast, Senator Robert Menendez urged the F.C.C. to put the station's broadcast license under review.

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After Gun-Control Talk Reportedly Banned on Fox News, Murdoch Turns to the Post

via Newseum
Monday's New York Post front cover calling for action on gun-control.
It appears that media mogul Rupert Murdoch may have some level of, dare I say, morality and compassion inside of him.

A day after New York Magazine reported that higher-ups at Fox News directed producers and reporters to avoid engaging in gun-control talk, Murdoch's New York Post published an editorial calling for an end to the legal sale of high-powered automatic weapons.

The editorial comes in the wake Friday's horrific shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. -- which left 20 young children and eight adults, including the shooter, dead. Perpetrator Adam Lanza used a military-style .223 caliber assault rifle to carry out the gruesome murders.

"Has technology rendered the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution obsolete? That is, has the application of modern military design to civilian firearms produced a class of weapons too dangerous to be in general circulation?" the editorial starts out asking. "We say: Yes."

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Make Way for More Media Giants: FCC Paving Way for Titans to Cross-Own Entities

The FCC may allow the media landscape in top-20 markets to resemble the one in New York City -- where media mogul Rupert Murdoch is permitted to own television stations and newspapers.

The internet has been abuzz for the past month with news that FCC chairman Julius Genachowski circulated a plan to his fellow FCC commissioners to strike down the long-standing regulation preventing media entities from cross-owning newspapers, radio and television stations in the same market.

Genachowski's plan suggests that the commission vote to "streamline and modernize media ownership rules, including eliminating outdated prohibitions on newspaper-radio and TV-radio cross ownership."

Those living in New York City might be under the impression that media conglomerates are already permitted to cross-own. Murdoch's News Corporation owns the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal and the local television stations WNYW (channel 5) and the New Jersey-based WWOR (channel 9).

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Rupert Murdoch's Next Twitter Target: The "Jewish Owned" Press

murdoch (1).jpeg
A few months ago, we reported on the social media prescence of Mr. Rupert Murdoch, the embattled head chieftain of News Corp. The mogul had a knack for Twitter outbursts, shortening some controversial views on Mitt Romney's campaign, Scientology and the hacking scandal with Parliament into 140 characters. Since then, he's been pretty mum on politics, keeping his thoughts to things like the success of "Lincoln" and the failure of BBC's resigning chief, George Entwistle.

That all changed this weekend.

Ugh. Come on, Rupert.

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Murdoch Resigns from Major Newspaper Posts

murdoch (1).jpeg
A few weeks back, we examined a day in the tweeting life of NewsCorp Presidente, Rupert Murdoch - the notorious purveyor of conservative commentary and, recently, the subject of a widespread Parliamentary investigation into a phone-hacking scandal that has consumed the entire company. Through his tweets, he upset the Romney campaign, the Scientology community and defended his case against the Levenson Inquiry. However, it looks like he'll have to defend his case against his own company.

The Telegraph is now reporting that the Australian Darth Vader of mainstream media will be resigning from the posts of the British newspapers The Sun, The Times and the Sunday Times. According to NewsCorp's filings last week, Murdoch stepped down as chief of the media organizations NI Group, the Times Newspapers Holdings and News Corp Investments in the UK. He also stepped down from a few posts back here in the U.S. but the SEC has yet to disclose exactly which ones.

All of this is a result of the increasingly awkward position Parliament has left Murdoch in. As more cracks in NewsCorp were revealed, it was becoming evident that the CEO had some sort of knowledge of the illegal activities going on at News of the World, the subisidiary tabloid where the troubles all started. The dominoes soon began to fall into place: Murdoch's son, James, resigned from News International and BSkyB while Board members were cut left and right. 

Now, it's daddy's turn to pay.

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A Day in the Tweeting Life of Rupert Murdoch

When it rains, it pours.

The CEO of NewsCorp is a recent inductee to the Twitter community, joining this past December and, for someone who owns a sliver of the world, still only has 250,000 followers or so. But such perfect timing: just as the Parliamentary inquiry into Murdoch's business was heating up, the Aussie businessman's Twitter feed ran parallel to what he was saying to British lawmakers. 

It was like his plea in 140 characters. Other than that, his tweets are mostly neutral, focusing more on article recommendations and family outings.

But, today was a bit different. In a matter of hours, Murdoch, through three separate tweets, has managed to upset both the Scientology and Republican communities in the most subtlety Murdochian way possible. (Murdochian, adj. - performing an act with the Imperial grace of Darth Vader).

With great power comes great tweets.

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Rabbis vs. Glenn Beck in Wall Street Journal Ad

Nevermind the fact that Glenn Beck is bullying a 78-year-old professor, inciting death threats against her. That offense doesn't even make the newspaper today as Business Insider points us to a full-page Wall Street Journal ad demanding Fox News and Roger Ailes "sanction" Beck. It comes via the Jewish Funds For Justice, "including the heads of the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements as well as prominent Orthodox rabbis."

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Carl Paladino Can't Catch a Break, Even From GOP-Loving Murdoch

Nixon's Checkers speech: Paladino needs one
The Greater Murdoch Empire may be pumping millions into national Republican races, but it's working overtime to drive the GOP's Carl Paladino bananas.

Today, the Post gives a rare tip of the Murdoch hat to Sir Rupert's much-loathed rival, the Times, for its story yesterday about how Paladino allegedly short-changed his own aunt, handing her home over to his mistress at a below-market price. The Post popped Paladino yesterday about the story and got a "no comment," which was enough of a news peg to recycle the piece in today's paper.

Meanwhile, the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal for some reason paid a pollster a fair amount of money to ask New York City residents about their preferences in the race for governor. The unsurprising results are that the Tea Party champion from Buffalo barely registers in Gotham, with Andrew "Muscle Car" Cuomo swamping him to the tune of 73 percent to 12 percent.

The scary part will come next year when Murdoch presents the bill for this glorious coverage to the next governor. And you know it's going to be a fat one.

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