Dead Sea Actually Teeming With Life

The Dead Sea is a lie. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute found that the body of water, once thought to be barren, is actually "a fantastic hot spot for life." They discovered this after a series of dive missions last year. National Geographic reports the dive teams discovered craters at the bottom of the sea that "were covered with films and sometimes surprisingly thick mats of new bacterial species." Like LaserJet printers, the Dead Sea is not what its name would portend.

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Salt in Coffee, Salt on Ice Cream: Pro-Salt Lobby Says It Tastes Damn Good

The number one most emailed story on the New York Times website thus far this Memorial Day weekend is In Defense of Salt: "The Hard Sell on Salt." Food Network star Alton Brown, the nerdy one for the smart demographic, gets the first word, and gets to the point. "Salt is a pretty amazing compound," he insists. "So make sure you have plenty of salt in your kitchen at all times." Like Eliot Spitzer redeeming his image post-hooker, salt is on the PR offensive, post-heart disease. Cargill, a large food company, is leading the charm campaign, and their motives are pretty clear. They just want everything to taste really good.

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