Leave It to Palin to Brighten Up Your Saturday with Dogs and Cocaine


It's been almost four years since Sarah Palin made her way onto the national stage at the Republican National Convention. But, since the defeat of her and McCain in the election, we have been gifted with the constant recurrences of the Alaskan personality. Yes, we DVR'ed Game Change, too.

At first, Palin's comedy would result in an eventual wince, knowing the chances that this woman could be sitting in the White House as we speak. 

But, at this point, we can kumbaya in the fact that she never will - even if she mentions over and over again how there is still the chance that she will... at some point... in the near future. (Send in Bristol!)

So, her comedy is now a light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel in this grim political reality. And, at the RightOnline conference yesterday - targeting the "lamestream media" and praising conservative bloggers for finding the truth - she added another tally onto her list. 

So, lay back and enjoy your Saturday with a mimosa and a solid tan while we spin you another tale in the Palin Chronicles.

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Sarah Palin Had a 'Fetish' for Black Men, Once Snorted Coke Off an Oil Drum, Says Enquirer

Joe McGinniss' highly anticipated tell-all about Sarah Palin, which you will want to be buying after this -- it's out September 20 -- may actually merit all that anticipation. According to the National Enquirer, which seems to have gotten ahold of a galley of (or some savvy publishing sources behind) The Rogue: Searching for The Real Sarah Palin, McGinniss writes that Palin slept with Glen Rice while he was playing basketball at the University of Michigan and she was a sports reporter at Anchorage TV station KTUU. They did it in a dorm room, and she was the aggressor! Also, Palin might enjoy coke now and again. And she allegedly smoked pot -- with a professor -- in college!

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Sarah Palin Emails: The (Not-So) Greatest Hits

This afternoon gives new meaning to the term "news dump," as six boxes containing 24,199 printed pages of emails -- weighing 250 pounds -- from Sarah Palin's half-term as governor of Alaska become part of the public record. For each publication that filed the necessary open law records paperwork, the load came in six big boxes that looked something like big boxes of paperwork in every office ever. At this point, Palin is a television and Internet star with about as much of a chance at the presidency as a Kardashian, and yet, doubtlessly in part because it's Friday, the entire media decided to pay attention and start digging, even enlisting the help of others, nonprofessionals even -- any old bored soul, really, who wants to contribute some eye power. The results have been staggering! (They're not.) More in Press Clips, our daily media column, plus the plight of an iPad freelancer and a fancy new cafeteria for Condé Nast.

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Sarah Palin Emails Are a Group Job; Huffington Post Passes New York Times in Traffic

Thumbnail image for sarah-palin.png
We mentioned last week that a large portion of all the emails Sarah Palin sent in her half-term as governor of Alaska are finally being made public long after a few publications requested them via open records laws back in 2008. It's now being reported that the mother-load will drop tomorrow. MSNBC, ProPublica and Mother Jones are partnering on the job of slogging through the (doubtlessly typo-ridden) emails, which total near 25,000 pages, and the combining of efforts will include a WikiLeaks-like searchable archive. So you can help too! But don't expect any compensation. Find out more in Press Clips, our daily media column, plus HuffPo's killer traffic month and the New York Times' testy response. But wait, there's more!

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Alec Baldwin Could Be Mayor of NYC; Margaret Thatcher Thinks Sarah Palin Is Crazy

• Alec Baldwin, who is oft-discussed as wanting to run for something, is considering a run for New York City mayor in 2013 now that that Weiner character is kinda out of the picture. After all, he knows how to use Twitter (does he?) and his time on 30 Rock will be over. (Baldwin is a Democrat and is originally from Massapequa, a suburb on Long Island.) [The Daily]

Margaret Thatcher thinks Sarah Palin is nuts. And, despite Palin's hopes, meeting her would be "belittling." Instead, "Margaret is focusing on Ronald Reagan and will attend the unveiling of the statue. That is her level," a source told the Guardian. [NYDN]

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Fox News Uses Image of Tina Fey Playing Sarah Palin for Sarah Palin Story

Hoo, hoo, Fox News is so funny! Instead of using an image of the actual Sarah Palin in their news report about how Palin was "50/50″ on running for president in 2012, they used a picture of Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. We presume this was an accident. In other Sarah Palin news, a bunch of folks are now trying to rewrite American history on Wikipedia after that Paul Revere flub she made (don't worry -- Wikipedia editors are fighting back). What percentage of people who use Wikipedia for history also watch Fox News? Is Tina Fey actually Sarah Palin? Discuss amongst yourselves. [Buzzfeed, Little Green Footballs]

Sarah Palin Denies Flubbing Paul Revere Story

sarah palin revere.png
Remember how Sarah Palin has absolutely no idea what that Paul Revere guy did back in the Civil War or whatever? He didn't shoot guns or ring bells, contrary to Palin's opinion. But she's sticking to her guns. Palin appeared on Fox News this morning to defend her historical accuracy, saying "I didn't mess up about Paul Revere." More »

Sarah Palin Not So Good at American History

Remember how in elementary school you learned about that guy, Paul Revere, who rode from Boston to Lexington, Massachusetts, on horseback during the American Revolution as part of an organized alarm system to warn folks that the British were coming? He didn't, despite popular belief, actually shout "The British are coming!" He also did not shoot guns or ring bells, as Sarah Palin mistakenly tells America in this video, taken during her bus stop to Boston yesteryearday, 'cause that would have been pretty obvious to, you know, the British. Oh well, elementary school was a long time ago, right? You betcha it was.

Sarah Palin's Emails as Governor Coming Soon; New York Times Read Goldman Sachs Emails

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Maybe this really is the age of WikiLeaks. Transparency, hacks, and secrets of all stripes are currently getting big play in media news, ranging from the travails of Anthony Weiner's penis to shady New York Times snooping and the Freedom of Information Act at work. We've seen the latter in the case of Osama Bin Laden's death pictures and Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Cathie Black correspondence, both unsuccessful for journalists up to this point, but today, some open records law success, albeit a little late. A handful of publications, including MSNBC, ProPublica, and Mother Jones have been granted access to Sarah Palin's emails as the governor of Alaska, which the reporters filed for under Alaskan law back during the 2008 campaign. More details on everyone's secrets inside Press Clips, our daily media column.

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Sarah Palin Gets Goosebumps From Ellis Island, Eats Pizza With Knife and Fork

Last night Sarah Palin met Mr. Donald Trump for dinner at Famous Famiglia's in Times Square, where the two -- horror of horrors -- ate their pepperoni pizza with a knife and fork (a knife and fork!). Today, Palin has continued in her authentic experience of our great city by touring Ellis and Liberty islands with her parents and daughter Piper (and a bevy of park-ranger escorts and policemen). She got to walk inside the Statue, was spontaneously serenaded by a high school band from Illinois, which played the "Star-Spangled Banner," and reportedly, got "goosebumps walking through [Ellis Island]." She also gave high-fives.

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