Andy Samberg is Newest SNL Cast-Member to Leave

First, Kristen Wiig. Now... Andy Samberg?

According to the New York Times, after seven full seasons and almost a hundred Digital Shorts of his own creation, Andy Samberg has confirmed that he will no longer appear on Saturday Night Live, leaving behind him a legacy that is comparable to some of the show's legends. And it all started with "Lazy Sunday."

He might not have received a send-off that involved Mick Jagger, Arcade Fire and some of the biggest stars in comedy but that doesn't mean we're not going to miss him.

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Did Anyone Else Cry During Kristen Wiig's SNL Farewell Last Night?

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Kristen Wiig was considering her seventh year as an Saturday Night Live castmember to be her last. And, in the last sketch of the season finale on Saturday night, she confirmed those rumors with one of the best (and emotional) send-offs in the show's history.

The season finale episode, hosted by Rolling Stones' frontman Mick Jagger with musical guests Arcade Fire, the Foo Fighters and legendary guitarist Jeff Beck, ended with a small skit in a classroom. Playing the teacher saying so long to a graduating class, Jagger calls Kristen to the front. And the tears began to fall.

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SNL: Who was better, Peyton or Eli?

Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings to big brother Peyton's one, but I'm betting that when the next family dinner rolls around, the real sibling squabble is going to be about who was better on SNL. What did you think?

I thought Eli did fine, especially in the sketch where he takes on big brothers by helping younger brothers with big brother issues. He throws a kid into the trunk of his car and tells him, "Maybe now you'll learn to treat your little brother with some respect, Peyton!" "My name's not Peyton," says the kid." "Whatever," Eli snaps back as he slams down the trunk.

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Rikers Island Inmates Advise Strauss-Kahn On European Economic Policy

SNL was pretty decent last night. The premise of this sketch is brilliant. "Bitch, you know I got no love for Portugal."


Gov. David Paterson Coming to SNL Tonight

"Fuck SNL and the whole cast," New York governor David Paterson rapped in his comeback single "Power," continuing, "Tell 'em David said they can kiss my whole ass." Now, after years of being somewhat mercilessly tortured by a Fred Armisen caricature (pictured) -- focused on the governor's blindness and all around bumbling ways -- the real David Paterson is stopping by Saturday Night Live tonight to clear the air. Or at least boost his public profile ahead of his upcoming unemployment.

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This Is What You Get for Saying "Fuck" on Your First Episode of Saturday Night Live: The New SNL Cast Primer

Jenny Slate.jpg
Saturday Night Live is switching up their cast, and the New York Times has confirmed the new lineup. Who's out and who's in this season, which everyone will tell you is worse than the season before, regardless?

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Tina Fey is One Step Closer to Ruling the Cosmos

Congratulations to New York's girl with the most cake, Tina Fey, for winning the 2010 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the nation's highest honor for those with easy, grossly unfair access to Jon Hamm comedy. The 30 Rock actress/writer will accept the award in November in a ceremony at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

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MacGruber Bombs, SNL Movie Curse Lives On

It was naive to think it could turn out any other way, marketing gimmicks, the show's resurgence, and Will Forte be damned. The latest Saturday Night Live skit-turned-feature film is crashing and burning, taking in a paltry $1.5 million at the box office on Friday, leaving the action parody unlikely to crack $5 million for the weekend. Not quite It's Pat numbers -- the total domestic gross of that film sits at $60,822, according to Box Office Mojo -- but still struggling to be in the same league as The Ladies Man. In other words, MacGruber makes Coneheads look like a comic-book sequel.

So, How Was Betty White on SNL: The Best of All-Time or The Best Ever?

By all accounts, last night went pretty damn well for the 88-year-old Golden Girl, the oldest host in the show's 35 year history. If we're gauging immediate critical reaction chiefly online -- and why shouldn't we? -- then White came through in a big way on the penultimate episode of this season's Saturday Night Live. Echo chamber, be damned.

If we're judging based solely on Twitter, White singlehandedly saved comedy, stopped time, cemented lasting peace in the Middle East, performed the Lost finale as a one-woman show, cleaned up the oil spill in the Gulf and offed Justin Bieber. All set to a Jay-Z medley.

The Internet (re-)made her, now the Internet can praise her. And, indirectly, themselves.

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