If This Dalton School Scamming Rejected Applicants Story Is True...

It's one thing to get rejected from a private school on the Upper East Side. It's a whole other thing when you get scammed soon after, simply for not making the cut.

That's the word coming from the New York Post yesterday. Apparently, the Dalton School sent out a list of those who were on the waiting list and those who were rejected to "boosters and alumni." The reason: to fundraise money by comforting parents into thinking the school wasn't just abandoning them. Because nothing says comfort than a post-rejection "Hey, wanna toss the school that didn't accept your student a few bucks for old times sake?"

But the response has been a catch-22. Parents are up in arms about the reported gesture from the school. Except, if they take Dalton to court, the whole world will find out their lovely son or daughter is going to public school for the rest of their life. Oh, the shame.

The Dalton School has sent out a statement, apologizing for the actions taken by the admissions board. Somehow, the two administrative bodies were not in communication. And, for many parents, the "I'm sorry" doesn't make the list of their rejected children disappear from the alumni's hands.

Oh well.


Shelly Silver's Sliminess Explained in Letter From Assemblyman Steve Katz

Assemblyman Steve Katz

Over the past six months, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has really taken it on the chin in the PR department. And rightly so -- it was recently revealed that he signed off on more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded hush money to help sweep allegations of sexual harassment against his former pal/alleged pervert Vito "Gropez" Lopez under the rug.

But covering up Assemblyman Gropez's multiple cases of alleged pervy-ness is just the latest in a long history of Silver's using his powerful position in New York State politics to help his pervy pals (ahem) get off.

In January, the Assembly will elect a new speaker -- and if history tells us anything, Silver will once again get elected speaker. But not if Assemblyman Steve Katz gets his way.

Further reading on the Silver/Lopez scandal:

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Vito Lopez's Pervy-ness Cost Taxpayers $103,000 -- Thanks To Shelly Silver

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Here's The Letter Shelly Silver Sent Assemblyman Vito Lopez

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Shelly Silver Off The Hook For (Taxpayer Funded) Coverup Of Vito Lopez Sex Scandal

Shelly Silver's off the hook for covering up allegations of sexual misconduct against one of his buddies...again.
Much to the dismay of the National Organization of Women, women's rights attorney Gloria Allred, Assembly candidate Frank Commisso Jr., and thousands of New Yorkers, we're sure, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is off the hook for his tax-payer funded coverup of allegations of sexual misconduct by his old pal/current disgraced Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

The Joint Commission on Public Ethics has decided to not investigate Silver's role in sweeping sexual harassment allegations made against Lopez under the rug by paying two of his accusers more than $103,000 in taxpayer money to essentially keep their mouths shut about Lopez.

After Lopez's initial accusers were successfully paid off, Lopez allegedly sexually harassed at least two other young, female staffers in his office -- which makes sense considering Silver gave him the impression that he was free to feel up whomever he wants by paying off two of his accusers.

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Mayor Bloomberg Wants More Control Over Sexual Misconduct Cases in Schools

mayor and walcott.JPG
Sam Levin
Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and State Senator Stephen Saland
Mike Bloomberg announced a new piece of legislation this afternoon that would give the mayor, via the city's school chancellor, more power to dismiss teachers who engage in acts of sexual misconduct in the classroom.

You'd think that inappropriate sexual behavior form teachers is something everyone could agree on, but apparently not.

Today's announcement from the mayor's office has already sparked an (admittedly unsurprising) war of words between the mayor and the Teachers Union with regards to how school systems across the state respond to allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior in schools.

Under the proposed statewide legislation, championed by the mayor today and brought forth by State Senator Stephen Saland, school districts would have enhanced abilities to dismiss teachers in sexual misconduct cases by having the final say of what action should ultimately be taken.

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What is Going on in the Vatican? A Look at the VatiLeaks Scandal

Someone call up M. Night Shyamalan. This story is gonna be huge.
What happens when you mix together the crazy plot twists of Dan Brown, the conspicuous nature of Julian Assange and a right-hand serviceman as powerful as Alfred was to Bruce Wayne? 

You have what the Times has called "perhaps the greatest breach in centuries in the wall of secrecy that surrounds the Vatican." Or, as the Italians like to call it, VatiLeaks (don't confuse this with WikiLeaks or a nasal flu medication).

Here's what's going down:

At the beginning of the week, journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi published a book called Your Holiness: The Secret Papers of Benedict XVI. The story was a ticking time-bomb for the smallest country in the world's credibility, accusing, by name, leaders of the Church who were involved in power struggles deep within the hierarchy. 

This is like the Watergate of Italy; picture Nuzzi as both Woodward and Bernstein combined.
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Teachers' Union Prez Mike Mulgrew Hit With Woodshop Sex and Blackmail Accusations

Nothing like a quick sex scandal to spice up a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

In a 73-page lawsuit filed by a Manhattan teacher, the President of the United Federation of Teachers prez Michael Mulgrew, known for his heated relationship with Bloomberg's Education Department, has been accused of having sex with a guidance counselor at the high school he used to teach at in Brooklyn.

Apparently, a custodian walked in on him and Emma Camacho-Mendez in the workshop and, once caught, they forced the worker and the principal of the school to keep their mouths shut. Also, according to the suit, Camancho-Mendez was rewarded with a UFT job paying $22,000 a year on top of her $85,000 guidance counselor salary. 

However, as with every scandalous accusation, there is an overblown twist. And this one is serious: the lawsuit also name-drops Bloomberg, Chancellor Dennis Walcott and other high officials as knowing about the incident.

One word: blackmail. 

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A Secret Service Scandal South of the Border

As President Obama touched down in Colombia for the Summit of Americas yesterday, where he and 33 other world leaders would meet to discuss the economies of the Western Hempishere, his Secret Service agents might have been elsewhere. 

Last night, the Washington Post received a tip from Ronald Kessler, an ex-Post reporter and expert on the shadow force. It involved a scandalous story of the shadow force's members up to no good, in which twelve of them were taken off the job and replaced with others. 

The reason: possibly hiring prostitutes.

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John Liu Doesn't Want to Talk About his Campaign Finance Controversy

Sam Levin
City Comptroller John Liu at the New School this morning.
In unsurprising news, City Comptroller John Liu doesn't feel like chatting much about his ongoing campaign finance controversy.

After an event he hosted at the New School on pensions and retirement this morning, the Voice, alongside several reporters, asked Liu -- whose hopes of becoming mayor in 2013 have been hurt by continuing negative press -- some off-topic questions about the arrest last month of his 25-year-old campaign treasurer Jenny Hou.

"We'll keep you updated," Liu said repeatedly, as a representative from his office standing by his side continually interrupted, telling reporters that the pol would not be taking off-topic questions.

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Embattled Comptroller John Liu Hires Journo as New Communications Director

via Facebook
Peter Thorne, new communications director for City Comptroller John Liu.
City Comptroller John Liu, whose hopes of being the next mayor have been increasingly damaged by a fundraising scandal, is shaking things up in his staff, his office announced today.

The biggest blow to Liu has been the arrest of his 25-year-old campaign manager, which has raised questions about how much the comptroller actually knew of the schemes to circumvent campaign finance laws.

Today, his team announced in a press release that Liu has hired Peter Thorne, who was an anchor and reporter for ten years with WPIX TV, to the position of communications director.

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Picture Of Upper East Side Madam With Former NYPD Employee Surprises Law Enforcement

If the book of choice for Upper East Side mothers is the salacious Fifty Shades of Grey -- now with its very own New York Times feature -- perhaps the Upper East Side story that's grabbing headlines should be Fifty Shades of Gristina. Anna Gristina, that is, the 44-year-old madam who ran a brothel out of an apartment in that neighborhood, and, as we've previously noted, had some notable friends. And the story keeps developing. Now, attention is focused on Gristina's connections to law enforcement officials, after a red flag went up following a picture in Friday's New York Post of Gristina with a bodyguard who was a former NYPD second-grade detective. The man, Sylvan "Sly" Francis, also had worked in the Manhattan DA's office.

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