'You Are a Bastard and You Know It' and Other Chilling Quotes From This CIA Interrogation in '80s New York

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Secret records, super-duper secret.
The CIA recently declassified a trove of records from its in-house journal, Studies in Intelligence. The collection has profiles of the spooks of yore, analysis of things like how the Iran-Contra story was originally leaked, and accounts of pivotal moments in the agency's history.

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New York's Shield Law Protects Reporter From Subpoena

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Shield law to protect journalists finds success in an unlikely place.
It came in a strange context, but New York's "shield law" seems to have done its job recently, helping a reporter protect his sources and work products after he was subpoenaed to testify in an Oklahoma divorce case.

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Oprah, Ivanka, and More in City's Newly Released Cathie Black Emails

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Even Oprah couldn't save this terrible idea.
As we reported yesterday, the Bloomberg administration lost its lengthy and expensive legal battle against a Freedom of Information Law request by Sergio Hernandez, then a Village Voice intern, requesting the administration's emails concerning the ill-fated hiring of former Schools Chancelor Cathie Black in 2010.

Well, now the emails have been released. And while it's hard to see what was so damning in the emails that the City saw fit to spend tens of thousands of dollars fighting to keep them secret, there's still plenty of interesting material inside. The emails, between Black and various administration aids and officials, illuminate the public relations campaign City Hall orchestrated to help smooth the way for its unpopular and inexplicable nomination of Black, who had no previous educational experience.

The strategy is best summed up by an email from Micah Lasher, at the time the mayor's legislative director: "All our focus needs to be on getting allies to come out in support."

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Bloomberg Loses Final Appeal to Keep Emails Secret

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All legal avenues exahusted, Bloomberg must make public emails concerning the hiring of Cathie Black.
Mayor Bloomberg's fight to keep emails concerning the hiring Cathie Black, whose catastrophic career as school chancellor lasted all of 100 days, has finally ended, and Bloomberg has lost.

The story stretches back to 2010, when Sergio Hernandez, then a Village Voice intern, filed a Freedom of Information Law request for emails related to Black's hiring. The city first delayed, then refused. Hernandez appealed, and the city refused again. So he sued, represented pro bono by Schlam Stone & Dolan, and he won.

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Bloomberg Loses (Again) in Fight to Keep Cathie Black Emails Secret From Former Voice Intern

What's in those emails between Bloomberg and Cathie Black that he doesn't want us to see?
The Bloomberg's peculiar determination to keep anyone from seeing emails related to the hiring of disastrous School-Chancelor-for-95-days Cathie Black has encountered another setback.

In a ruling handed down yesterday, a panel of Appellate Division judges denied the city's request to appeal a string of rulings requiring them to turn over the emails.

Sergio Hernandez was a reporter at the Village Voice when he first requested the emails under the state's Freedom of Information Law in 2010.

"I originally filed the request on a lark," he told the Voice today. "I thought there might be something funny in the emails. I didn't expect something damning. But the longer they keep putting it off, the more convinced i am there's something worthwhile in there."

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Oprah Lets Us Read Her Diary! (We Share Our Own.)

Oprah's journal entryx-inset-community.jpg
O, The Oprah Magazine, via USA Today
OMG. OMG. OMG. Oprah, yeah, that Oprah, is letting us glimpse into her very personal Oprah world to see what the budding Oprah, she who would be the Oprah that we all know and love, was about! She has shared five whole pages from her "hand-written" (how else would they be written?) extra personal secret-time special-lady journals, publishing them in the April issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. In them, she gives us some totally PG stuff about her first boyfriend --

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Oprah Reveals Secret Half-Sister, "Patricia II"

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah. Can you make us love you more? Just like us, Oprah struggles with desires and ambitions and delicious foodstuffs. Just like us, Oprah has power and charisma. And just like us, Oprah has longheld deeply buried family secrets! Unlike us, however, Oprah has a TV show, upon which she revealed a whopper today: She has a half-sister named Patricia who had long been kept a secret by Oprah's mother, who put her up for adoption at birth.

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Cone of Silence Placed Upon Entire Town Regarding Chelsea Clinton Wedding

via New York Times
The New York Times has a cute little piece on how the folks of Rhinebeck, New York -- widely believed to be the location of Chelsea Clinton's July 31 wedding -- have been rudely shushed by confidentiality agreements about anything having to do with the Clinton-Mezvinsky nupts.

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The Post Plays Bad Cop, Busting MTA Employees Playing Hooky

original photo via The New York Post
A Post photographer busted two MTA employees for snoozing on the job, and as always, the paper couldn't resist an especially great lead sentence zinger, "All aboard the Zzzzzz train!" with the accompanying photo caption "Noddy, noddy."

But that's not to take away from the paper's actual coup: A photog caught Frank Ryan and Robert Malandrino nestling into their cars for a two-hour snooze when they should have been fixing broken subway cars.

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Sexy Spy Anna Chapman Wanted Prince Harry and Prince William, Too

What's up today with sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman? Glad you asked. As she's kept isolated in a cell in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, the New York Post reveals that even British royals may not have been immune to her "sexy secret-agent wiles." Queen Elizabeth II, who's gallivanting about in the New York City heat today, must be positively lobster-faced under her hat!

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