ConEd: System "Reliable." Will Continue To Seek Rate Hike

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Remember last week when Governor Andrew Cuomo ripped utility CEOs -- including the top-dog at ConEd -- a new one for their lack of preparedness for Hurricane Sandy? And how this week thousands of people in New York City are currently without power -- because of ConEd's alleged lack of preparedness?

Well, despite all that, ConEd wants to raise your rates.

In September -- prior to last week's hurricane -- the power giant announced plans to raise rates. Public outrage be damned, the company still plans to raise rates.

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Sex With Sleeping Woman Isn't Rape, Just "Bad Manners" -- According To British MP

Wikimedia Commons
British MP George Galloway: having sex with a sleeping woman is "bad sexual etiquette."

It's officially "Make Stupid Comments About Rape Week" for politicians, and the festivities have jumped across the pond to Great Britain, where folks are known for their impeccable manners -- and a member of Parliament recently said that having sex with a woman while she sleeps isn't rape, it's just "bad sexual etiquette."

British MP George Galloway goes further, noting that "not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion."

There are simply no words...

Galloway made his comments during an episode of the MP's "Good Night" podcast while discussing allegations of sexual abuse against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange last week.

Below is the full text:

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Senator Bill Perkins Actually Voted Against Ban On Spending Welfare Money On Cigs, Booze and Strippers

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A bill that would ban spending welfare money on "sins" like cigarettes, booze, strippers and gambling sailed through the New York State Senate yesterday, which is no surprise. The fact that some legislators actually voted against the bill, however, is absolutely shocking.

One of the few lawmakers to not sign off on the bill is Senator Bill Perkins, a Harlem Democrat, who says not allowing people to spend taxpayer money given to them by society on bad habits like booze and cigarettes is somehow "prejudice."

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Craig Dershowitz Blows $60k In Legal Fight For Custody Of A Puggle (Yeah -- That's A Dog)

Craig Dershowitz
This is "Knuckles," the puggle a man has spent more than $60,000 to "rescue" from his ex-girlfriend.

We love dogs. They're awesome -- they're loyal, fun, and make you feel like a rock star every time you walk in the door. That said, we would never spend $60,000 to win custody of a dog after a rough breakup with a former girlfriend. The same cannot be said of Craig Dershowitz, who already has spent $60,000 fighting to win custody of his dog, and is now taking donations to further the fight.

Dershowitz, who lives in New York, says he's already blown through his life savings trying to win custody of his puggle, "Knuckles," which he considers his "son." He's now turned to the Internet to raise an additional $20,000 to continue his legal battle with former girlfriend Sarah Brega, who took the dog to California when the two called it quits.

See a video Dershowitz made pleading for donations below.

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