NYIT and Cardean Learning Ordered to Pay $4 Million for Swindling Students

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The New York Institute of Technology and Cardean Learning, a for-profit online education company, will have to pay back $4 million for orchestrating a scheme to suck federal funds out of unsuspecting students, according to court documents obtained by the Voice.

NYIT, a not-for-profit college with a 14,000-plus student body, contracted with Cardean in 2003 to allow students at an online-based school, Ellis College, to receive federal loan and grant aid through NYIT's partnership with the U.S. Department of Education. In exchange for enabling Cardean to tap into those federal funds, NYIT received a cut of the college's revenue, documents say.

We reported in August on the mega bucks that for-profit institutions rake in while preying on the emotions and naivety of those with aspirations of attending college. NYIT and Cardean Learning jumped into the fray with the rest of the vulture-like institutions by syphoning funds out of individuals eligible for thousands of dollars in federal loans and grants.

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Settlment Reached in Poly Prep Sex Abuse Scandal

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Prestigious Brooklyn private school Poly Prep has reached a settlement with plaintiffs from a 2009 lawsuit that alleges decades of sexual abuse by former football coach Phil Foglietta, according to the Daily News.

The News has closely followed the lawsuit--which highlights a situation eerily similar to the recent scandal at Penn State University--for more than two years. Details of the settlement have not been disclosed, but Poly Prep did admit, at least on some level, to Foglietta's guilt in a statement to the News from the school's current headmaster David Harman:

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9/11 Workers' Settlement Suit Is Finally Almost Over

The New York Times is reporting that the 9/11 workers who sued the city over health damages they suffered during Ground Zero rescue and recovery efforts have finally agreed to accept a $625 million settlement from the city after years of negotiations and delays.

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City Spent Nearly $1B to Settle NYPD Lawsuits

An Associated Press report finds that the NYPD has spent nearly $964 million since 1999 to settle lawsuits, claiming its taxpayer-subsidized payouts "dwarf" those of other American cities. How does it all break down? Even better: Why are we paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle multiple suits against the same handful of cops? Let's find out!

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Jaycee Dugard's $20 Million Settlement Takes Into Account "Unique Circumstances"

The California Legislature has determined the price for being held captive for 18 years "as a virtual sex slave" (i.e., repeatedly raped, impregnated, having to tell your daughters you're their sister, living in the backyard): Jaycee Dugard, now 30, was awarded $20 million for her claim that the state hadn't properly monitored her convicted sex offender captor, Phillip Garrido.

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