Oh Yes! Trojan To Give Away Free Vibrators!

Talk about good vibrations...

Trojan Company, best known for its condoms, is going to give away 10,000 free vibrators from two hot dog carts Wednesday and Thursday.

One of the "Pleasure Carts" is going to be parked in the Meatpacking District, on 14th Street and Tenth Avenue -- while the other will be stationed in the East Village -- on Third Avenue between 12th and 14th Streets.

The company promises to hit all of the city's "hot spots" during the giveaway.

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Vibrators Are Everywhere Now

Did you know you can buy vibrators at Duane Reade now? Well, you can. No longer are the illicit devices confined to the vague, grimy territory of sex shops, hidden in brown paper bags or unmarked boxes, purchased late at night on furtive shopping missions to "video stores" with blacked-out windows. As the New York Times explains in today's holy-shit-vibrators-really-are-everywhere-now piece, "They were rarely discussed, other than perhaps during a late-night girl-talk session fueled by many glasses of Pinot Grigio. But now you can find them advertised on MTV and boldly displayed at Duane Reade, Walgreens, and other mainstream drugstores, mere steps from the Bengay and Dr. Scholl's." Welcome to the world, vibrators! No longer must we be ashamed to see you! We can even discuss you without being drunk! (If you insist.)

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Live Sex Toy Demonstration to 100 College Students Ill-Advised, Yucky

The lovely couple, via Chicago Sun-Times
Northwestern University has come out not in favor of a recent sex toy demonstration given by a couple in front of 100 students at a human sexuality lecture, and the school's president Morton Schapiro is now calling for an investigation. How could this have happened? Well, as with anything that has to do with the public demonstration of a "high-powered" sex toy known by the brand name of "fucksaw," there's a simple explanation:

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Presenting the Single Worst Sex Toy Ever: The Obamarator (Obama + Vibrator)

obama vibrator 1.jpg
Click to Enlarge. Not like that.
What are you going to be gift-wrapping this holiday season? A Squinky? A Sing-A-Ma-Jig? A Gremlin? Maybe for the children. But alas, a gift has arrived that will bring all Americans -- Red State, Blue State, Green Party, whatever -- together. If they're creepy.

It's a vibrator.
It's a vibrator made in the likeness of Barack Obama.

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The Great Recession Is a Turn-On for the Sex Toy Industry

Photo: Nan Goldin
Sex has a pretty high investment/return ratio, so when financial hard times hit home, it's not a bad idea to hit the sack. If recent sales figures are any indication, sex-toy stores and websites are jackhammering this logic straight to the bank, replacing couples' fleeting splurges on vacations and dinners with the lasting pleasures of furry handcuffs and vibrating everythings, according to the Daily News.More »

Dildo Safe After Lower East Side Fire, Dildo Enthusiasts Relieved

You ever sit in your apartment and think:

Hm. If there's ever a fire in this here apartment, I'm going to make sure to save [my children/cat/diaries/computer/family heirlooms].

Sometimes, people think that, because, well, there are some things you just can't live without. And today, faced with that decision, someone acted in the clutch, and saved....

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