Exclusive Q&A: Artist Jonathan Harris on Documenting the Lives of Lesbian Porn Stars

Jonathan Harris
Lesbian BDSM starlet Dolores Haze is going for the money shot. She's on her knees, furiously masturbating in front of a set of cameras for feminist porn pioneer Jincey Lumpkin's new feature, "Therapy." Jonathan Harris, computer scientist, online artist, and documentarian, is filming her too, only he continues rolling after the rest of the crew has packed up to leave. The shots last only 10 seconds: Dolores lying on the couch in a post-coital daze. Dolores getting on the subway and walking home. Dolores calling a friend because she accidentally locked herself out of her own apartment.

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Harris filmed nine women who work in lesbian porn in New York over 10 days, in 10-second intervals, and spent 24 hours with each one. This week, he launched the intimate interactive documentary detailing their lives. Similar to Harris' 2006 project, "We Feel Fine," which measured an aggregated universe of multi-colored emotions on blogs, "I Love Your Work" works like a tapestry of plot points that can enlarge. Each row designates a different female subject, and you can click on each individual teaser shot contained within. In its entirety, the project is six hours long.

In an exclusive interview, the Voice spoke to Harris, who has won three Webby awards, spoken at TED forums, lived with a family of Inupiat Eskimos to document a whale hunt in Alaska, and previously exhibited his work at the MoMA. We asked the artist what it was like to follow these women continuously--stepping into their showers, beds, and shoots--and how the experience has affected Harris' own views on human sexuality since.

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11 Reasons You Should Never Fuck a WRITER

In our concrete jungle, few species of humans are as ubiquitous and dangerous as WRITERS.

Not to be confused with writers, WRITERS are a breed best characterized by their habitat (over-priced speakeasies) and their method of stalking romantic prey ("I mean, I want to write a sitcom.") Though it is very likely you will encounter WRITERS in the wild -- say, scribbling in a Moleskine at Cafe Loup or dozing in your writing workshop -- do not approach WRITER.

They might appear charming -- seductively brooding, with an endless supply of backhanded compliments -- and might even offer to buy you a drink, but WRITERS are actually dangerous animals. As lovers, they are emotionally damaging and must be avoided at all costs.

So, here are 11 reasons why you should never fuck a WRITER:

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Oh Yes! Trojan To Give Away Free Vibrators!

Talk about good vibrations...

Trojan Company, best known for its condoms, is going to give away 10,000 free vibrators from two hot dog carts Wednesday and Thursday.

One of the "Pleasure Carts" is going to be parked in the Meatpacking District, on 14th Street and Tenth Avenue -- while the other will be stationed in the East Village -- on Third Avenue between 12th and 14th Streets.

The company promises to hit all of the city's "hot spots" during the giveaway.

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Mutant Crabs: Yes, There Are Drug Resistant Pubic Lice, Too

pubic lice.jpg
Yesterday, the Voice reported on something both terrifying and gross: drug resistant head lice. Turns out, some strains of these bugs have gotten so used to common treatments over the years that their exoskeletons have grown thicker and as a result, they're hardier and can survive all but the harshest of pesticides.

Today, we present you with something even more terrifying and gross: drug resistant pubic lice, AKA crabs.

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Do People Have More Sex During The Summer?

endless love.jpg
This question came to mind today, when we were busy with this serious business. People tend to wear less clothes and socialize more in warm weather, so do people have more sex during the summer?

Indeed, as the season fast approaches, talk about flings and romantic things of the like -- summer lovin', or something -- abounds.

So we chatted briefly with Dr. Janice Epp, dean of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, to see what's up.

What did she have to say?

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Is This a US Embassy or Sarah Jessica Parker's House?

Happy National Condom Day! Find Free Condoms With a Phone App

It's Feb. 14 -- the best day of the year!

No, of course we don't mean Valentine's Day (ew.)

It's National Condom Awareness Day -- and 2012's holiday has gotten even more special for you and your special lady or man-friend: New York City's Department of Public Health and Mental Hygiene is releasing a version of the mobile phone app for Windows phones and BlackBerries today that will point you to the nearest pro-bono prophylactics. And it's free! (Before it was just for iPhones and Androids.)

How does the program work?

The app determines users' location via GPS technology and then gives specific directions to venues that offer the free NYC Condoms throughout the five boroughs -- including the sites' hours and what other safe-sex products these locations offer.

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Two Thirds of Single People Have Given Up on Sex (on Valentine's Day, at Least)

Only one third of singles expect to get laid on Valentine's Day -- about the same number that Facebook stalk their exes, a new study reveals.

The survey of 515 self-identified singles, conducted by Facebook dating app Areyouinterested.com, finds that 33 percent plan on winding up in bed on what's marketed as the most commercialized romantic day of the year. (Gross.)

Apparently, singles are not deterred by blind dates -- 74 percent would totally meet up with a stranger "indicating singles are not intimidated by the romantic pressure the holiday typically brings."

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Uh-Oh: You Might Have an STD! The Whole World Might Know, Too

Love is supposed to be everlasting. Unfortunately for many, the only permanent thing to come out of a relationship is an incurable sexually transmitted disease.

And that's why Cyrus Sullivan, of Portland, Ore., claims that he runs STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services, a website that lists claimed and confirmed carriers by their names, locations, descriptions, and sometimes their photos.

The database is completely open to the public -- you don't have to login to browse the listings, and many of the recently added carriers' pics are displayed prominently on the site's front page. Users submit photos freely. There are about 1,500 listings.

From the workmanlike design and sluggish flash slideshow and bizarre comparisons between Pearl Harbor's "hostile Asian men" and STD awareness, you might get the impression that Sullivan, who also runs an online reputation-management business, operates with a tongue-in-cheek M.O.

And you'd be wrong: Sullivan is for real and his work (for better or for worse) is heartfelt, -- and he has updated his site just in time for Valentine's Day.

From the mission statement: "It is our goal that by promoting the sharing of information that we can ultimately protect you health from dangerous diseases while protecting your civil liberties and providing quality entertainment."

Oh boy.

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Carrie Bradshaw's 'Guide to the Real New York City' Includes Soho, Benihana

The Sex and the City franchise will never die. It will just keep getting younger and younger, but also sadder and sadder, like the Benjamin Button of chick-lit. This summer, we can look forward to the cinematic version of Summer in the City, the tale of Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda (where was Charlotte? I'm sure we'll find out!) together for the first time in NYC. As it happens, prior to the movie, we get the book, out today! And the book is shaped like a purse! How utterly effervescent.

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