Anna Chapman, Failed/Sexy Russian Spy, Is Back (Kind Of)

Anna Chapman, the failed/sexy Russian spy, almost seduced a member of Barack Obama's cabinet! So says the Post, the Daily News, Huffpo, and almost every other media outlet covering the recent news.

But breaking developments suggest that this might not be true.

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Anna Chapman Trademarked Her Name

For whatever reason, we've followed the career ("career"?) of sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman with rapt attention -- from her arrest to her immediate ascent as a celebrity, from modeling to um, more modeling. Apparently, at least in her homeland, Chapman® is still a hot commodity because she recently took the step of trademarking her own name "to cash in on her growing popularity."

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Sexy Spy Anna Chapman is Still Around, Starring in a New Year's Video

It's somewhat exciting to watch failed Russian spy Anna Chapman cling to fame in her native land, mostly because we all helped create her. With the collective assistance of the New York tabloids, along with the panting blogosphere, men's magazines and of course her fans in the motherland, Chapman has been able to turn getting caught into making money, and possibly a serious political career, with a barrage of media appearances. As 2010 became 2011, Ms. Chapman was front and center, looking good and mocking spies.

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Russian Spy Scandal Continues: Top Spy Betrayed Ring!

Gifts that keep giving: The Russian spy story never ends! A man identified as "Colonel Shcherbakov" (tres Mission Impossible!) has been uncovered by Russian newspaper Kommersant as the person responsible for betraying the spy ring -- which, as you well know, most thrillingly included sexiest of spies Anna Chapman, our girl at right -- in the U.S. this summer.

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Sexy Spy Anna Chapman Will Never Really Leave Us, Covers Russian Maxim

Every time we write a post about failed sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman, who was returned to the motherland after being caught in New York in July, we fear it might be the last time. We should probably stop worrying. Chapman is back this week, and not just with a poker app for the iPhone. She's also on the cover of the Russian edition of Maxim magazine, where she poses nearly naked with a gun and brags about her knowledge of men. Let's call her The Spy Who Teased Me.

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Morning Links: Clarence Thomas' Wife Requests Decades-Old Apology; Paydays Better in Manhattan; the Great Pumpkin Is Here

Clarence and Virginia Thomas
• Virginia Thomas, Clarence's wife, left a voicemail asking for an apology from Anita Hill after nearly 20 years. Hill had testified at Thomas' 1991 Senate confirmation hearing that "he made repeated crude sexual comments" when he was her boss. Flash forward to 2010, when she (still) has no intention of apologizing. [ABC]

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Russia Honors Inept Spies With "Important Achievement" Award

Life is good for our dearly deported Russian spies, especially for sexy spy Anna Chapman, who not only is likely to make bank on a book deal but is also attending surprise space launches in Kazakhstan and becoming the "new celebrity face of a Russian bank" -- just like a Russian spy-ish version of Kim Kardashian! But don't worry, life is good for the less sexy and largely unattractive spies, too. Which is only fair.

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Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Keeps Popping Up

Leave it to the city's finest tabloid, the New York Post, to report back every time Anna Chapman, the sexy Russian spy swapped back to the motherland in July, leaves the house. As it turns out, she's something of a big deal in her home country, schmoozing with cosmonauts and bank bosses.

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Sad Things for Lonely People: Anna Chapman's Hot Spy Mugshot

Thumbnail image for rsz_anna_chapman_vv_mug.jpg
via New York Post
Have you grown bored with the same old Anna Chapman images (you know, the sexy spy! The first one!) that have been circulating the Internet for untold weary days? Take heart, sad and lonely people, the summer's not over yet. A new Chapman image is now available, proving that arrests and deportation and various covert and alleged activities only serve to make a sexy lady sexier. How does she do her eye makeup like that? Could it be natural?

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Morning Links: Barack Obama in NYC Today; Oil Flow in the Gulf Is Stopped, Maybe

• President Obama is in town today to film the View and attend some fund-raisers, including one at Anna Wintour's house in the West Village that's reportedly $30,400 a ticket. All for a good cause! [Bowery Boogie] [Observer]

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