New Yorkers Give Love and Sex Advice

Stand-up comic Sam Morril asks New Yorkers young and old, fresh-faced and grizzled, and a few tourists (because we did this in midtown) about love and sex in 2015. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Go Get Your Free Vibrators, New York -- You Now Have Mike Bloomberg's Permission

Good news, ladies (and certain gentlemen): Mayor Mike Bloomberg has given the Trojan condom company the green light to give away 10,000 free vibrators on the streets of New York.

As we reported earlier, Bloomberg's office put the kibosh on Trojan's sex-toy promotion, citing the fact that the company hadn't obtained the proper permits as the reason.

The vibrator giveaway is now scheduled to resume at 5 p.m. today on the south side of 14th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues, and go until 7 p.m.

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Mike Bloomberg: No Free Vibrators For You! (Without A Permit, Anyway)

Unlike other media outlets, we'll spare you the endless orgasm puns and just come right out and say it: the Trojan condom company held a free vibrator giveaway throughout the city yesterday -- that is, until Mayor Mike Bloomberg came and pissed on the parade.

The condom conglomerate planned to giveaway 10,000 vibrators from hotdog-style pushcarts throughout Manhattan starting at about 11 a.m. at Sixth Avenue in Rockefeller Center. Other giveaways were set to begin 4 p.m. in the Flatiron District and near the South Street Seaport.

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Mutant Crabs: Yes, There Are Drug Resistant Pubic Lice, Too

pubic lice.jpg
Yesterday, the Voice reported on something both terrifying and gross: drug resistant head lice. Turns out, some strains of these bugs have gotten so used to common treatments over the years that their exoskeletons have grown thicker and as a result, they're hardier and can survive all but the harshest of pesticides.

Today, we present you with something even more terrifying and gross: drug resistant pubic lice, AKA crabs.

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Happy National Condom Day! Find Free Condoms With a Phone App

It's Feb. 14 -- the best day of the year!

No, of course we don't mean Valentine's Day (ew.)

It's National Condom Awareness Day -- and 2012's holiday has gotten even more special for you and your special lady or man-friend: New York City's Department of Public Health and Mental Hygiene is releasing a version of the mobile phone app for Windows phones and BlackBerries today that will point you to the nearest pro-bono prophylactics. And it's free! (Before it was just for iPhones and Androids.)

How does the program work?

The app determines users' location via GPS technology and then gives specific directions to venues that offer the free NYC Condoms throughout the five boroughs -- including the sites' hours and what other safe-sex products these locations offer.

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Uh-Oh: You Might Have an STD! The Whole World Might Know, Too

Love is supposed to be everlasting. Unfortunately for many, the only permanent thing to come out of a relationship is an incurable sexually transmitted disease.

And that's why Cyrus Sullivan, of Portland, Ore., claims that he runs STD Carriers Disease Control and Prevention Services, a website that lists claimed and confirmed carriers by their names, locations, descriptions, and sometimes their photos.

The database is completely open to the public -- you don't have to login to browse the listings, and many of the recently added carriers' pics are displayed prominently on the site's front page. Users submit photos freely. There are about 1,500 listings.

From the workmanlike design and sluggish flash slideshow and bizarre comparisons between Pearl Harbor's "hostile Asian men" and STD awareness, you might get the impression that Sullivan, who also runs an online reputation-management business, operates with a tongue-in-cheek M.O.

And you'd be wrong: Sullivan is for real and his work (for better or for worse) is heartfelt, -- and he has updated his site just in time for Valentine's Day.

From the mission statement: "It is our goal that by promoting the sharing of information that we can ultimately protect you health from dangerous diseases while protecting your civil liberties and providing quality entertainment."

Oh boy.

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Anthony Weiner, Sexting Ex-Pol, Paid Private Eyes to Investigate Tallywacker Tweet

Anthony Weiner, the sext-loving, dick-pic tweeting, disgraced former congressman, used some $13,000 campaign money for damage control.

The Daily News says that Weiner paid private detectives to investigate the bogus claim that his Twitter account had been hacked, before he owned up to sending the porny photo and resigned.

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Security and Fans to Get More Intimate at NFL Games

Nothing like going to a football game, grilling up some brats, drinking a couple brews, and having your loins thoroughly inspected for weapons and contraband. Reuters reports that starting tomorrow, all 32 NFL teams have been asked to perform enhanced pat-downs on fans at home games. For years, security officers at stadiums have issued pat-downs from the waist up, leaving everything below the belt to the imagination. The new measures will enforce the search to be performed from the ankles up.

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Bug's Penis is as Loud as a Subway Car

When a male lesser water boatman performs his mating call, he rubs his penis against his abdomen and makes a sound that is an astonishing 99.2 decibels. For reference, that is about as loud as a passing subway car. This deafening penis makes the bug the loudest animal in the world for its size. Although most of the sound is lost as it travels through the water (it's an aquatic bug), researcher James Windmill says, "a person walking along the bank can actually hear these tiny creatures singing from the bottom of the river." Ah yes, James, "singing." [Wired] [nickgreene]

Marilyn Monroe Dress Sells for $5.6 Million

Thumbnail image for marilyn monroedress.jpg
Marilyn Monroe's sexy subway dress, originally priced to auction at $2 million, has been sold to an anonymous bidder for $4.6 million (plus a $1 million commission), which means that your dream of wearing the original halter gown while standing above a subway grate to re-create Marilyn's famous scene in The Seven Year Itch is basically dead. It also means that for some people, the recession is most definitely over. For those of us for whom that is not the case: You can purchase any number of similarly designed yet far less expensive dresses just by shopping about the Internet for a bit, and then wear one to whatever your favorite subway grate location happens to be. Though, really, you shouldn't be standing over subway grates anyway. Not the cleanest air, there. [AnimalNY]