Nikki Finke's Voice Coming To Taxis; Jim Romenesko Announces Semi-Retirement; Shaq Pursued Newsweek Writer

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Today in Press Clips: Jim Romenesko is kind of retiring, but not fully, Nikki Finke will provide voiceovers for entertainment news clips, the journalists who have been trapped in the Rixos Hotel since Sunday are now free, and Shaquille O'Neal tried to get with a reporter at Newsweek. Just your average Wednesday.

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Shaq Has Not Panicked Since Age 9, When He Lit a Teddy Bear on Fire

Allow the absurdity of that statement to set in. He really said that! It comes from this weekend's Deborah Solomon Q&A with the aging basketball star in the New York Times Magazine. It's full of the classic quotes and good humor that made the The Real Shaq the original Kanye West.

Plus, a spelling test!

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