Native New Yorkers Say Shit In New Video

Even though there have been so many of these videos we're not sure whose saying what shit anymore, here we have via Gothamist "Shit Native New Yorkers Say," which you might think of as a companion piece to the earlier "Shit New Yorkers Say."

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Presenting 'Shit Nobody Says,' the Inevitable Conclusion to the Shit Says Meme

The meme of the moment has turned on itself, eating its own shit tail, if you will. Here, from Tripp Crosby, Tyler Stanton, and others who could be co-opted into the making of this video, are "Phrases you will often never hear," in YouTube form.

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David Mamet Is Crazy About Sarah Palin

David Mamet (who, lest we forget, is no longer a brain-dead liberal), is a big fan of prolific emailerSarah Palin. "I am crazy about her," he told the Financial Times over lunch. "Would she make a good candidate for president? I don't know, but she seems to have succeeded at everything she put her hand to." The interview coincides with the release this month of Mamet's latest book about his relatively newfound conservatism, The Secret Knowledge. Suspiciously for a so-called conservative, Mamet has decidedly froufrou liberal taste in food! Salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side, eh? Filet mignon rare with no mashed potatoes or sauce, hmm? We smell a rat, Mamet.



Parents Talking Parenting, Chinese Mother Edition

Are Chinese mothers superior to Western mothers? Yes, says Amy Chua, a Yale Law professor writing this weekend in the Wall Street Journal; their strict discipline and refusal to acknowledge their kid's desires and individuality inevitably result in high-performing academic star-children, if we are to believe Chua's sweeping cultural generalizations. And for some of this article, we were kind of with her! There's a picture of her daughter playing the piano at Carnegie Hall, even! But then, things go a little...far.

Chua has two daughters, who have never been allowed to do the following:

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Nick Brooks, Accused SoHo Strangler, Doesn't Really Get That "Right to Remain Silent" Thing

Nick Brooks, the 24-year-old accused of strangling his swimsuit designer girlfriend and leaving her body in a SoHo House bathtub, is afraid of going to jail. And can't shut up about it. The Daily News has some quotes from his arraignment and court records that suggest he probably should take his Fifth Amendment "right-to-silence" a little more seriously, at least if he doesn't want to get made fun of in tabloids and blogs. His "best" lines, after the jump.More »

Shocker: 'Guidos' of Jersey Shore Show Insensitivity to LGBT and Bullied People Communities

Heartbreak. It's the only way to describe how one could feel on the shocking revelation that the cast-members of MTV's Jersey Shore -- and Village Voice Queer Issue cover-models -- are showing hatred toward the transgendered and bullying victims communities.

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Brooklynite Tells Madonna, "Fuck You!" at Her Film Shoot

The Material Girl is directing a film shoot in Brooklyn, and one man says that her crew was less than polite in telling him to walk on the other side of the street. "A chick with a headset held up her arm and said, 'You have to cross the street, sir!' I replied: 'I don't have to do anything. This is my neighborhood, and a public sidewalk, and I'll go where I please!'" a commenter who goes by "Palladian" wrote on the blog Althouse. Then the frustration of his Wednesday-morning walk escalated from this point until he unknowingly encountered Madonna.

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Bouquet Bandit Explains Himself

Edward Pemberton, the gentlemanly criminal who robbed two banks successfully using only flowers and a potted plant, has spoken. He told police that using flora to rob banks is "where the money is." Pemberton has been in jail since July 21 and (bizarrely, given that he admitted to the crimes) has pleaded not guilty to three charges of bank robbery and one of attempted robbery.

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Ultra-Freak Pamela Geller on Barack Obama: 'The Man Has a Boner. He is Flaunting the Damn Thing.'

Pam Geller (left) makes Ann Coulter (right) seem left.
Now the purveyor of the anti-Islam bus ads, Pamela Geller has long had a bone to pick with Barack Obama. As our homegrown bikini-wearing bombthrower has put it in her must-read Atlas Shrugs blog:
[W]hy not tell the truth about Obama and his reported strange sexual predilections? My question is, it is well known that Obama allegedly was involved with a crack whore in his youth. Very seedy stuff. Why aren't they pursuing that story? Find the ho, give her a show! Obama allegedly trafficked in some very deviant practices. Where's the investigation? . . .

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Billionaire Mark Cuban's Inspiration? Legendarily Abusive Coach Bobby Knight

Mark Cuban -- the outspoken entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, and media company HD Net -- did an interview with Business Insider in which he named his inspiration. Who is a legendary psychopath.

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