Going Barefoot on the Bowery Is a Thing Now?

Bowery Boogie
From our friends at Bowery Boogie comes this photo of a guy casually going about his business, sans shoes, on the sidewalks of New York City. He's got those five-fingered running shoes attached to his belt, so it's clearly a matter of choice. But...why? Bowery Boogie has seen him not once but twice in recent days.

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Lance Armstrong Invites You To Go On a Run With Him Today

What are you up to this afternoon? If you're anything like us, you'll be watching an illegally downloaded copy of The Smurfs 3D while eating the party sub you've been saving since Bastille Day. If you're feeling a little more active, Lance Armstrong has cordially asked you to run through New York with him. The seven-time Tour de France winner posted the above message to Twitter, and if you want to get some exercise today, meet him at Nike Town on 57th between 5th and Madison at 6pm for a fun run.

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Flip Flops Are the Scourge of Professional Workplaces Everywhere

According to an important summer fashion poll taken by employment services company Adecco, there are certain things you should not wear to work in the summer (or, presumably, any time of year). We are currently breaking two, depending on what you deem "mini," but that's how we roll around here. The rule-breaking fashion faux pas are:

Strapless tops!
Flip flops! (even the high-heeled kind?)

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Meth-Shoe Traffickers Busted Because They Were 'Walking Funny'

Not actual meth shoes.
We'd guess shoes would be the first place any airport security agent worth his salt would go to look, but we're not Malaysian drug traffickers posing as tourists with two pounds of meth in our shoes. Are we? (That was rhetorical.) Anyway, the group was busted by officials at Auckland Airport in New Zealand, reports the Daily News, partly because something was off -- their itineraries were in English, but they didn't speak English, and, well, "everyone in the group was walking funny, officials said."

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High School Boy Sent to Principal's Office for Wearing High Heels

Horribly, this is an ad for karate lessons.
Remember the conservative outrage that met that J.Crew ad of a little boy happily sporting pink toenails? Now we have a Florida student who's been sent to the principal's office for wearing high heels in class. According to a friend, the boy is now embarrassed, and, in fact, "the first time he felt shame was when he was called out of school." The teacher claimed that the boy's shoes were disrupting the classroom, and the principal says there was name-calling and, fearing bullying, he asked the boy to take off the shoes.

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