Supreme Foamposite Sales Show How Secondary Market Dominates Sneaker Trade

Retail prices are meaningless in the sneaker scene these days. Only way you pay retail for a pair of fresh, high-demand Jordans or Foamposites or SB Dunks is: 1) stand outside the sneaker store for at least several hours--several days in some cases; or 2) get lucky and snag them online in the five minutes before they sell out.

The large crowd that gathered outside Supreme New York last Wednesday night arrived with pipe dreams of paying $250 (plus tax) for the Supreme X Nike Air Foamposite One the following morning. So many dreamers packed the sidewalk and spilled into the street that the NYPD shut down the release for public safety reasons.

It was a spectacle that sparked headlines. But this isn't 1994; the setting for sneaker madness is not a sidewalk in front of a storefront. Madness in 2014 is not standing in line the night before a release; madness is having to pay $690 for a pair of sneakers on eBay the day after a release.

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NYPD Shuts Down Foamposite Sneaker Release Because of Big Crowd

Supreme New York
Supreme x Nike Air Foamposite One sneakers, released Thursday April 3 at 11 a.m., retail for $250. They sold out by 11:05 a.m. April 3, but you can cop a pair on eBay for $900.

That sort of appreciation rate explains why a crowd of sneakerheads and sneaker investors and the kind-hearted girlfriends/boyfriends of sneakerheads packed the sidewalk in front of Supreme New York in SoHo on Wednesday afternoon. By Wednesday night, the crowd had spilled into Lafayette Street. Most of these folks were too late. The line had started forming on Monday, when Supreme announced the release date.

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Nike Finally Releases Marty McFly's Back To The Future II Sneakers

Those were (will be) the days
Tonight's Fashion's Night Out, which means more extravagantly stupid shit than usual is going on in our City! There's Pauly D and Miss Piggy and Nicki Minaj, and oh just read these damn lists for yourself, will you. Not one to be outdone, Nike today unveiled the Holy Grail of cinematic sneakers: the Nike Air Mag--Marty McFly's moonboot Nikes from Back to the Future II.

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Nike's Five Borough Sneakers: A Review of Five Pairs of Nikes

Nike -- the billion-dollar company who profits off people like LeBron James and child laborers and who make awesome World Cup commercials -- has released a set of sneakers called the Five Boroughs Pack, each with their own specific set of designs for each borough of New York. The Shoe Game has all the inside shoop ('shoe + scoop') on them. So: How are they?

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