Donald Trump: "Nelson Mandela and Myself Had a Wonderful Relationship"

Image via Instagram.
I mean, they did stand next to each other once.
When a towering figure like Nelson Mandela dies -- a revolutionary, an emancipator, South Africa's first black president, one of the most beloved figures ever in the struggle against not just apartheid, but racism and oppression in all its forms -- the most important thing to do is immediately establish, Oh yeah, I totally knew that guy. At least, that's the route Donald Trump took.

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Shelly Silver Rambles His Way Through DNC Speech, Gets "The Hook" *VIDEO*

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: bad at announcing convention delegates, even worse at investigating sexual misconduct allegations.
On the bright side, as horrible as Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is at assigning delegates at political conventions, he's not as bad at that as he is at investigating allegations of sexual misconduct. So he's got that going for him.

Silver yesterday had the official duty of announcing that all of New York's 384 delegates to the Democratic National Convention would be casting their votes for President Barack Obama in this year's presidential election. He managed to blow what is traditionally a speech that is impossible to blow.

Typically, those who announce a state's delegates at a political convention just say a few nice things about their state, announce the delegate count, and have a seat. Silver, however, dropped every Democratic name in New York State politics, rambled a bit, and was essentially told by convention organizers "enough already."

See the video of Silver's speech -- compliments of Jimmy Vielkind at the Albany Times Union -- below (the speaker's speech jumps the shark at about 2:20).

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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give A Shit About What Hollywood Thinks About Paul Ryan...Or Anything

Shut up, Hollywood.
As you know, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate in his quest for the White House. Per usual, Hollywood has chimed in about his selection -- and for some reason people care.

Regardless of how you feel about Ryan, Romney, abortion, gay marriage, healthcare, Barack Obama, war, kittens, winter, or literally anything else, you should not give even half a shit about what celebrities have to say about it. Ever. Here's why...

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