Mitt Romney is a Snooki Fan, Reaffirming That He's Out of Touch with America

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As reality television slowly drags itself into the oblivion, it is safe to say that we, as a country, are pretty much done with MTV's 'Jersey Shore.' The greased-up guido and obnoxious fist-pumping fad came and went but, nonetheless, it did happen: at one point, the show was the highest rated show ever on the channel and was attracting millions of viewers for each episode. Snooki and the rest of the crew became national sensations - each having some sort of spin-off bullshit to keep themselves busy - as Americans obsessively tuned in to find out why whomever was cheating on whomever.

I am not a cultural expert on the 'Jersey Shore' - truthfully, I didn't watch it at all - but, hey, I lived in America in late 2009 and early 2010, which indirectly gives me authority to speak on the subject. So bear with me: now, the country could care less about the Shore; hence the show's cancellation and a lack of giving-a-shit about Snooki and J. Wow's other show. And there's a ton of reasons to explain why: the current popularity of Smart Television (i.e. 'Breaking Bad,' 'Mad Men,' 'Louie'), America's short attention span, the stagnated economy or the masses' revelation that, hey, what we're watching right now is actually pretty shitty.

One may ask, why I am making this point? Why the cultural critique of the 'Jersey Shore' trend and its deeper implications for what we, as a country, care about? To reiterate what's been said, who gives a shit about anything related to the show or its stars or me, for that matter?

Well, the point that America has moved on from Snooki as a metaphysical idea ties in well with Presidential go-getter Mitt Romney's comments yesterday on the 'Shore' star, telling America on 'Live! With Kelly and Michael!' that he is 'kind of a Snooki fan.' If we follow the logical sequence here, it's clear that Mitt is stuck in the past and, for liking a show that America is over with, not that cool at all. And remember: this election is about likability, not the economy, stupid.

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If You Google Searched "Snooki Nude" In The Last Four Days, You're Letting The Terrorists Win (We're Looking At You, Dallas)

Categories: Snooki (Sigh)
Much to your dismay, we're sure, nude photos of Jersey Shore star "Snooki" have surfaced and currently are making the rounds on the Internet. Snooki, as you know, is more of a punchline than an actual person -- often ridiculed for her "meatball"-esque appearance and Jersey-like demeanor. That said, there' s been a huge spike in Google searches for the keywords "Snooki nude."

In other words, despite how revolting the general public seems to find Snooki, we still want to see her naked -- especially those in Dallas and Kentucky.

A company spokeswoman tells the Voice that Google doesn't provide specific numbers when it comes to how many people search particular keywords. However, she directed us to Google Zeitgeist, which tracks trending search keywords. 

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