Boutique Bunny Stolen By Cowboy-Hat Wearing Thieves Returned

Alexander Berardi Miss Cooper.jpg
Alexander Berardi
This bad week for bunnies now has at least some good news. Miss Cooper, a Holland Lop bunny that served as a "mascot" for the SoHo boutique Alexander Berardi, was returned Saturday after having been stolen Wednesday by a couple wearing cowboy hats. Store co-owner and manager Christopher Kulukundis told Runnin' Scared this afternoon that he identified the bunny at the First Precinct shortly after midnight Saturday.

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Wampum, Hamptons Skate Shop, Will Open SoHo Location Next Week

Store Photo.jpg
Skaters, take note: A new high-end skate shop is opening in SoHo next week. Wampum, a Bridgehampton skate boutique run by the Ficalora brothers (it's located behind their mom's jewelry store), is expanding into Manhattan.

Marley and Lennon Ficalora opened Wampum in June in Bridgehampton. Their mother, jewelry designer Helen Ficalora, owned a store on Main Street, and her sons, both lifelong skaters, decided to buy the space behind it to open a store specializing in skating and high-end fashion. The Ficalora brothers found it challenging. "We didn't really sleep for the first two weeks," said Marley Ficalora over the phone.

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Soho Billboard Girl's Mother Wants Abortion Ad Taken Down (Update: It's Coming Down)

The controversial pro-life billboard in Soho, which shows a young African-American girl underneath the message "the most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb," has a new opponent. The mother of the girl, Tricia Fraser, is saying that she had no idea about the ad, and that she thinks it should be taken down. Life Always, the folks behind the ad, told Fox5, "The image was properly licensed through a reputable stock image service. We'll be looking into the origin of the image and are certainly open to talking to the family directly if they have any concerns." (UPDATE: That was quick. The New York Times City Room blog reports that the billboard is being taken down because employees in the Mexican restaurant below the sign were being harassed by people angry about the message.)

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Abortion Billboard in Soho Calls Out African-Americans During Black History Month

Life Always, an anti-abortion group, revealed a giant new billboard today (Update: It appears to have been up since at least last week) at Sixth Avenue and Watts Street in the New York City neighborhood of Soho, featuring a picture of a young black girl and text that reads, "The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb." Underneath is a link to, which celebrates the billboard as an opportunity to "expose the truth about how Planned Parenthood targets minority neighborhoods as they perform over 300,000 abortions a year." In a press release (.pdf), Life Always Board Member Pastor Stephen Broden said, "During Black History Month, we celebrate our history, but our future is in jeopardy as a genocidal plot is carried out through abortion." The city is already speaking out against the impactful ad buy.

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Nick Brooks, Accused SoHo Strangler, Doesn't Really Get That "Right to Remain Silent" Thing

Nick Brooks, the 24-year-old accused of strangling his swimsuit designer girlfriend and leaving her body in a SoHo House bathtub, is afraid of going to jail. And can't shut up about it. The Daily News has some quotes from his arraignment and court records that suggest he probably should take his Fifth Amendment "right-to-silence" a little more seriously, at least if he doesn't want to get made fun of in tabloids and blogs. His "best" lines, after the jump.More »

The Poorest Congressional District in America? Right Here, in New York City

There are 435 congressional districts in the United States of America. And the poorest one in the country is right here in New York City. Can you guess which one it is?

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Step Off, Pregnant Biotches

Yeah, yeah, maybe you're 8.5 months preggers and about to pop, and evidently you really need those Uniqlo tank tops STAT to stretch over your cute belly and everything, but we ladies who have behaved responsibly and not brazenly added to society's widespread overpopulation don't look kindly on you cutting us in line. A Racked reader experienced this indignity -- nay, this travesty of justice -- nay, this affront to all of society -- today in line at the Japanese purveyor's Soho store (where this very blogger purchases her own jeans, not that any of the following is about me at all) and had to speak out. Because it's just not fair.

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Trump, Soho Plagued With Troubles; Trump, Donald Perfectly Fine, Thank You Very Much

That 46-story, 454-foot-tall bully with the face only a mother could love (I'm talking the Trump Soho, not the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man) is scheduled to open on April 9th "on Spring Street, where Soho meets Tribeca and the West Village." Posh!

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