Will GLAAD Condemn Dan Savage for His "House Faggots" Tweet?

In this week's feature in the Voice Pride Issue "Does 'Gay Inc.' Believe in Free Speech?" we take a long look at GLAAD, the self-described "PR firm for the LGBT community."

Since the story was published Tuesday afternoon, a few events have happened as if on cue (one nationally, the others on a much smaller scale involving us personally) which made us wonder how GLAAD would deal with satire today.

The most recent and famous incident was when Dan Savage tweeted this yesterday, in reference to the gay Republican group GOProud endorsing Mitt Romney:

What, we immediately had to think, will GLAAD have to say about this?

It's not just that GLAAD has a 25 year history of policing what the media should and shouldn't say, but that they've left little room for even the satirical use of the word faggot itself.

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"Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!" Coming Soon to an Internet Near You

‚ÄčEarlier this week, everyone's favorite eternal teenage antagonists, South Park, spat in the face of Islamic religious law by depicting the Prophet Muhammad... in a bear costume. Comedy Central went weak and censored the episode with bleeps and image blocks after threats from a Muslim group calling itself Revolution Muslim, who wound up pissed anyway and threatened to murder the show's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Then, the Iinternet fought back and now, Revolution Muslim is down (but viewable in cached form here). But before it went down, it was hacked and redirected to Revolution Islam, which was doubtlessly way more infuriating than South Park's original offense. In a jihad against the Internet, the irreverent win. And one Seattle cartoonist is leading the charge with the forthcoming "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!"

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