A Brooklyn Nets Fan Responds to "Gentrification's Team" Label

Two weeks ago, we called the Brooklyn Nets "Gentrification's Team." It wasn't a particularly enlightening revelation, of course, but it was now supported by cold hard unscientific data. More »

The Brooklyn Nets: Gentrification's Team

New York Times
Many of the basketball fans who grew up in Brooklyn cast their allegiance with the Knicks long ago. So the Nets had a smaller pool of potential supporters to begin with when the franchise moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn in 2012.

Earlier this week, the New York Times created a map showing the most popular NBA team in each zip code in America. It used Facebook likes as the metric for popularity.

Not surprisingly, the map showed that the Knicks remain the team of choice for all five boroughs (plus Long Island, Westchester County, and much of New Jersey). The Nets were the favored team in just eight of Brooklyn's 46 zip codes. A look at those zip codes, however, reveals that the Nets are indeed developing a core fan base.

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Nacho Discounts! Yeah! That Oughta Fix the Nets' PR Problem!

The Brooklyn Nets are offering fans an olive branch - or at least cheaper nachos - after this week's tweet heard 'round the borough created a dust-up between the organization and its fledgling faithful.

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The Nets Vs. The Knicks: The Basketball War for New York Love

Barclays Center: The home of New York's newest sports rivalry/shitshow.
While I was on the F train to Prospect Park, I noticed a structure in the distance as the subway came above ground around Carroll Gardens. It was a futuristic building of epic proportions; a huge MSG-like structure in the middle of Atlantic Avenue. For a second, I wondered what the hell this building was until I realized where I was: Downtown Brooklyn. 

This was the soon-to-be home of the mega-concert for Jay-Z and the European EDM spectacle, Sensation White. But, more importantly, the Barclays Center in the distance would soon host Brooklyn's first national sports team since the Dodgers: the Nets.

During my lifetime, I have never seen a new addition to my sports team inventory. The last major shake-up of athletic things (for me, at least) was when John Rocker of the Atlanta Braves started a war against the Mets and the rest of New York. Maybe Linsanity as a close second. But, now,  almost too coincidentally in regards to the happenings in the outer borough, Brooklyn is being graced with a sports team - the only missing cog in the quasi-Renaissance of the area. 

That means we will have two basketball teams playing with only a river in between them. Who cares about the Yankees/Mets rivalry? The Nets/Knicks is shaping up to be even more tenuous and the season hasn't even started yet.

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Extra Credit: Baby J-School Grad Scores Exclusive With New Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov

Mikhail "Party Monster" Prokhorov -- the Russian billionaire who now owns the New Jersey Nets -- has had quite a tour of New York over the last week. There was the shot of him, Bloomberg, and Jay-Z quite literally breaking bread over breakfast. There was the talk of renaming the team and the plans of moving it to Brooklyn with his "soul mate" Jay-Z. And now there's this: the revelation that the first real Prokhorov interview didn't go to the Times, the Journal, the Post, or the Daily News, after the necessary introduction of Prokhorov to New York's sports fans via WFAN's Mike Francesa (which doesn't count, as it's a given).

Nah. None of those guys.

As the Observer explains, it went to a 28-year-old guy who graduated J-school three weeks ago, Vinnie Rotondaro.

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