Occupiers Enjoy a Day in Central Park

Today's beautiful weather has brought the Occupy movement to the city's green epicenter in what has been deemed as the 'Spring Awakening' for the movement of the 99%. The day of activism, trending as #A14 on Twitter and boasting a Woodstock-esque poster, invites everyone to help "kick off exciting spring and summer events" in what the protestors hope will be a new beginning as temperatures rise.

Along with the new Union Square encampment and the planned 'May Day' on May 1st, the event  represents the grassroots movement's recent push to revive itself after the Zuccotti Park break-up last November.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Cherry Esplanade Lawn Finally Grows Back -- Just In Time To Get Trampled Again By Big Ass Tent (PHOTOS)

Cherry 1.jpg
Steven Thrasher
The lawn is green and full, just in time to have a big ass tent plopped down to make the grass RIP.

One of the Great Mysteries of Brooklyn which has long perplexed us is what happens every year to the Cherry Esplanade at the Brooklyn.

The Cherry Esplanade is a treasure, especially in April. The grove comprises one of the most beautiful collection of blossoming cherry trees in the state, if not along the East Coast. (Indeed, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the ideal spot, we can personally attest, to practice walking outdoors if you ever find yourself needing to practice walking in public arenas without too much congestion for some reason.)

But it has always baffled us just why this Nirvana like grove with the beautiful lawn and the gorgeous rows of meticulously cared for trees is sullied annually. During the garden's annual Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival, this lawn is blemished with a big ass tent, which not only tramples the grass for damn near a year (it was fenced off until last week), but kind of ruins the idyllic setting. Really -- if so much thought is put into making this spot so beautiful (and it really is stunning), why is it blemished at the height of its season?

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Pillow Fight Underway in Washington Square Park


Not enough celebration for you with Passover and Easter falling on the same weekend? Well, today is also International Pillow Fight Day , and a celebration is happening now in Washington Square Park.

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The Weather Is Much Improved: Five Places to Take Advantage in NYC

This weather is really something! For everyone besides weekend bloggers. You're probably out frolicking already, aren't you. But if you're not -- if you're hungover and melting into a blob in front of Jersey Shore, mired in an existential crisis about what you're doing with your life -- it's time to go outside. Forthwith, five ideas we just came up with to enjoy the first few days of spring, even if it is kind of cloudy. And a little windy. And not really that warm. Anyway.

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East River Ferry Coming This Spring

The Economic Development Corporation of New York has agreed to a contract that will provide a year-round ferry service in the East River, moving people between Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, WNYC reports. New York Waterway's BillyBey Ferry Company will charge either $3.00 or $5.50 depending on distance, with the boats operating along seven stops from Long Island City to Fulton Ferry Landing. Each ferry can hold either 99 or 149 passengers and bikes are allowed! Full map after the jump.

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Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Early Spring, as Does Staten Island Chuck

This just in: Punxsutawney Phil has not seen his shadow. According to tradition, this means the prophetic groundhog has predicted an early spring as opposed to six more weeks of winter. Just in time for an ice storm!

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