Persistent Thieves Steal Vaporizers From St. Mark's Head Shop

The above surveillance tape from Smoking Tattoos on St. Mark's shows the theft of four vaporizers after repeated visits to the store by a group of young people. The Local Blog over at the Times obtained the footage, in which you can clearly see the group milling about and plotting their theft. Why can't those shoplifters just sell their gold 4 cash and buy a vaporizer like the rest of us?

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The Fate of St. Mark's Bookshop Could Be Decided Today [Update]

st marks bookshop.jpg
St. Mark's Bookshop has fallen on hard times lately, inspiring a local campaign to pressure landlord Cooper Union to lower the rent from $20,000/month to a more manageable $15,000. Otherwise, the store might have to close.

According to a letter from the Cooper Square Committee, today is the day that Cooper Union's board will decide whether or not to lower the rent -- essentially deciding the fate of the bookshop.

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Last St. Mark's Porn Shop Closes Its Doors

via EV Grieve
East Village porn fans take note: The last porn shop on St. Mark's, Cherries -- the storefront of which was featured on SNL's intro for a while back in 2010 -- is saying goodbye to its St. Mark's home. The adult film and gift shop located at 18 St. Mark's Place, situated quaintly next to a yogurt emporium, had put up 50 percent off signs recently and closed shortly thereafter.

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