Activists to Hold a Non-Quinn-Affiliated March for Mark Carson Outside St. Vincent's Hospital

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Expressing the LGBTQ community's grief and outrage following the murder of Mark Carson in the West Village on Friday, several LGBTQ groups are co-sponsoring a rally held at the LGBT Community Center tonight. Speaker Christine Quinn jumped on the rally as well--and the Facebook page for the event lists Quinn as the only politician involved.

Still, not all of New York City's queer community feel that Quinn has her heart in a sincere place. That's why they'll be taking their vigil for Carson outside what was St. Vincent's hospital at 5:30 p.m., when activists and mourners will ask whether Carson could have been saved if the hospital hadn't been shuttered.

"A lot of people are agreeing that Christine Quinn is trying to politicize today's march," says Louis Flores, an organizer with Queers Against Quinn and a St. Vincent's activist group. Flores also wonders whether Carson, who was shot through the cheek, would have survived had he been taken two blocks away from the scene of the crime to St. Vincent's, rather than Beth Israel, which is located across town from where Carson was shot and lacks a Level 1 trauma center.

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"Ground Zero Mosque" Moving to St. Vincent's?

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia may purchase the closed-down St. Vincent Medical Center and would consider housing the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" at the West Village location, according to an exclusive report in the New York Post. The King would also reopen some of the medical units at St. Vincent's, which shuttered due to bankruptcy in the spring. Soon after, and then unrelated, national outrage erupted over the placement of the mosque, though no one -- especially opportunistic Republican politicians from the Midwest -- really knew what they were talking about. Actually, the original proposed location isn't really that close to the World Trade Center! St. Vincent's, though, is even further.

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Photo of the Day: ER Spoiler

Sad Interns.JPG
Julian Gilbert
Interns watch in the rain as Dr. David Kaufman, associate medical director for HIV clinical research at St. Vincent's, addresses the crowd at Tuesday's rally to save the hospital. Hundreds of "very emotional people" (some elderly and crying) attended to protest the closing of the Greenwich Village institution, which leaves 3,500 people out of work and the lower West Side without a full service hospital.

That sign, by the way, says "Kicked out, no trauma care, need to go to the Lower East Side..."

Doctors and Nurses to Rally at St. Vincent's Tuesday

Photo by William Alatriste, courtesy NYC Council
Medical staff from St. Vincent's are not happy with what they feel was an abrupt shutdown of talks that might have saved the hospital, and will gather tomorrow with local residents in a community rally/press conference to speak out on the closing. Many are increasingly concerned that the state's proposed urgent care center will be unable to adequately treat the hospital's 60,000 annual ER patients. (We are concerned about what happens when those ER patients don't get treatment in hospitals and take to the streets all apocalyptic zombie-style. Not pretty. Nor healthy.)

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