Strip Club Threatens to 'Stain' Long Island City; Lawyer Says It Deserves a Chance

Everything was going right for the once-industrial, now-booming Long Island City -- until a strip club company tried to move its way into the little-neighborhood-that-could. This blossoming section of the city across the East River (the gateway to Queens!) has everything going for it: It's extremely close to Midtown, land and rent is cheaper, it's family friendly and not quite overrun by hipsters, and business and development is on the up.

Enter Gypsy Rose -- a highly-contested strip club that could be days away from getting its liquor license approved by the state.

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Four Loko Now Causing NY State Government to Shut Down Restaurants (Or: Long Live General Loko)

And to think people were worried about what The Kids would do drunk on Four Loko! It would appear the State Liquor Authority drank so much Four Loko (or so much of the Four-Loko-as-Reefer-Madness craze-flavored Kool-Aid) that they raided accomplished restaurateur, chef, blogger, and boozing revolutionary Eddie Huang's downtown dining spot Xiao Ye to such an extent, he was forced to close it down. Rebecca Marx at Fork In The Road has the whole story. It's worth noting that somehow, the Bros of Bros Icing Bros have yet to earn retribution even remotely on this level for their crimes against the (drinking) humanity. [FK]

192-Proof Liquor Now Legal in New York: Baby Sips, People, Baby Sips

The State Liquor Authority recently approved the sale of 192-proof booze (96 percent alcohol), per the Daily News. That's right, 192-proof -- now that's the definition of efficiency. Although if you drink too much, your hair might go up in flames.

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