New York City Hits Record 70 Degrees. In November.

By now you've surely noticed the death rays in our atmosphere that resulted in unseasonably warm temperatures as the city finished digesting its Thanksgiving meal. The New York Times has just reported that today, November 28, 2011, is the warmest November 28 on record since 1896, tied with 1990. This means you can walk around New York like it's an autumn movie set, what with the blustery winds and colored trees, without the shivering and runny noses that fall usually brings.

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Today's New York Post Cover Barely Mentions Gay Marriage

new york post gay marriage .jpg


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New Generation of D.C. Pundits Reading Comic Books, Using Newfangled Internet

The D.C. political reporter is a changing animal. It's using the Internet to get ahead instead of clawing its way towards a column on the Washington Post's op-ed page; it has lived in "squalid houses" and read comic books; sometimes it drinks beer out of cans or even jars! As iconoclastic as it may seem, people now take it seriously. Do you kind of feel like you've heard this before? More »

Creepy Victorian-Era 'Proto-Hobo' to be Dug Out of Ground

Nope, not scary at all.
This article asks, "Should the Leather Man, 19th-century proto-hobo of New York, be exhumed?" No, obviously not. Everything about that sounds bad. Why do we need a dead hobo to be dug up? What will we do with him? Not "we," per se, just in general.

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S.I. Borough President Caught Cursing On NBC

In an embarrassing moment for Staten Islanders everywhere, James Molinaro cursed on television yesterday morning. In a land where normalcy and kindness are held high above most everything else, it's surprising to see one of the island's leader make such a crazy mistake. Kidding, we love swearing!

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More Lunatics Headed to Antarctica

Robert F. Scott and his doomed 1912 crew.
What is so great about barren, uninhabitable Antarctica? First people are chomping at the bit to run marathons there, now they're racing to the South Pole to celebrate the 100th anniversaries next year of Roald Amundsen's and Robert Scott's expeditions. Never mind that Scott and his crew all died!

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Scientists Spend 10 Years Developing Spray-on Clothing, Despite Proven Functionality of Actual Clothing

Scientists (and a fashion designer) in London have spent 10 years developing a spray-on form of clothing that comes in a can...and, finally, it's here! All of you who would like to have your "clothes" sprayed onto your nude body by a random scientist or cooperative friend/family member (think coverage), then wait for the spray to harden into "clothing-like material," and then, finally, get on with your day, well, it's a happy moment for you. As an added bonus, spray-on clothing turns into a reusable garment, just like actual...clothes. You can even wash and rewear them! Just like actual...clothes. For fun, video after the jump.

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Let's Just Give Up and Accept That the Bedbugs Have Won

Bedbugs have now infested the AMC movie theater in Times Square. Yes, it's horrifying. But at this point, the idea that bedbugs are all over the damn place is not new. Let's look at all the places that have been infested by the little critters this summer:

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Chelsea Clinton's Extremely Discreet Wedding Planner Speaks About Confidentiality, Porta-Potties

Genevieve De Manio/AP
Here's an unexpected twist in the Chelsea Clinton nuptial secrecy: It was the wedding planner's idea! Or so says Bryan Rafanelli, organizer of the so-called event of the year, finally revealing the truth about all that Clinton coyness in an article in the New York Times that's distinctly less confidential than the agreements he reportedly insisted on with vendors. Which may explain why Bill showed up on Saturday and glad-handed all over town: Secrecy was not his idea! Of course it wasn't!

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Inevitable "I Write Like" Backlash Begins

Have you played with I Write Like yet? It's the site where we learned that Madonna's daughter and Kurt Vonnegut are basically the same writer. It's also been telling some users they write like Dan "Da Vinci Code" Brown, and people are getting pissed.

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